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Crystals hold a variation of vibrational frequencies that aid us in many different ways. From vitality and energetic stimulation all the way down to calming and grounding, crystals help us to help ourselves. A lot of people talk about the power of the present moment and the ability to create our future by being present in this moment, right now. But how do we stay in the present moment with certainty and calm? How can we be sure that something as simple as a mineral or stone can rid us of anxiety better than any pharmaceutical medication or treatment out there? Anxiety is a state of mind that removes us from the present moment and shoots us ahead into the future. Whereas depression sends us out of the present moment and into the past.

There are many crystals that will help you to feel content and at ease while in the present moment, and help to melt away the “fears” or “limitations“ associated with the future. There are even crystals in our council database that help us to break down illusions-eliminating limitation and shooting us forward into expansion! So lets get started, here are our top three Crystal Council picks for anxiety elimination.

Learn More About Amethyst

When it comes to anxiety, we tend to shoot ourselves out of the present moment and into the future. Whatever the reason may be, we have removed ourselves and our awareness from the present moment and into the future. Perhaps some of us are eager to see a particular outcome, or maybe some of us are waiting to hear news about a loved one. When anxiety strikes, Amethyst offers the very first step to feeling content in the present moment. One of the most prominent properties of this stone is protection. You may be wondering, what does protection have to do with anxiety relief? Well, a lot of our anxious tendencies may be stemming from the subconscious belief that we are unsafe or in danger. This “danger” may be social, mental, physical or spiritual. Either way, our safety and survival are birthed from our more animalistic instincts..

Naturally, our survival instincts do a good job of stimulating our emotions when we are in this state of mind. Amethyst vibrates a potent vibration of protection. When working with this stone, we have a subconscious feeling that we are safe and protected and we are ensured that we deserve to have clarity no matter the situation. Another incredible property that this stone brings to the table is purification. The planet Jupiter holds a strong rulership over Amethyst and is a higher representation of purity and cleansing. A lot of times when we are biting our nails, we need to purify our minds and bodies of any energy or projected fears we are subconsciously imagining. Amethyst brings clear insight to its wearer and will help one in expanding their temperance, allowing them to think clearly when anxiety strikes and to transcend that anxiety into calm.

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Learn More About Labradorite

Number two on our council recommended list is Labradorite. This stone lends important properties necessary for us to dispel anxiety and step into the present moment. Labradorite helps us to see through illusive forms of thinking. Have you ever let your imagination wander and play out a situation you would absolutely hate to experience? When we are letting these scenarios play out, we are giving birth to these exact situations. When we are nervous about an upcoming event, our imagination has a tendency to wander far into the future and create feelings of intensified nervousness and anxiety.

Labradorite reminds us to release our desire to control each moment and let things play out for our highest good. When our minds have wandered deep enough into these self-created scenarios they may start to feel like reality and soon enough, they are! Labradorite’s ability to help us see through illusion will prevent this and dispel any negative use of the imagination in order to create a better “present”.

As quoted in our Labradorite article “Labradorite teaches us the incredible life lesson that what we see is not always reality”. Labradorite is a grey stone that upon further observation explodes with a beautiful display of spectral colors. When we put our imaginations to rest we are stepping into the present moment and expanding our awareness, just like the beautiful spectral colors that hide behind this stones plain grey exterior.

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Learn More About Green Calcite

With Green Calcite, anxiety really has no place left to reside in us. Resonating on the vibrations of joy, calm and tranquility, this stone will allow us to “quiet” the fiery emotions and rise to a higher vibrational frequency. A frequency that does not allow for the unhealthy use of the imagination, negative illusions or anxiety at all.

For those of us who tend to become irritable, angry or frustrated during times of anxiety-Green Calcite is a must have stone. This stone resonates strongly with the heart chakra and allows ones to maintain positive heart-felt feelings of joy and calm. Some of us may have anxiety in certain situations, however, Green Calcite knows when (even if for a slight moment) we are putting out positive emotions such as compassion. When we show that compassion, Green Calcite helps us to maintain and expand upon it. The number one reason for Green Calcite’s ability to help with anxiety is its properties of dispelling intense and excessive forms of negative thinking.

It has been proven time and time again that thoughts are seeds toward our future reality. When we are working with Green Calcite we can be sure that we are planting positive seeds that are bringing us toward our highest good. One of the most unique properties that Green Calcite offers is the ability to increase our social boundaries. Anxiety is most often affiliated with our ability to socialize and be “ourselves” around others. Green Calcite opens us up to our true heart center, allowing us to embrace social environments and push our boundaries of comfort. This stone is ruled by the elements of both fire and water. The fire aspect of Green Calcite invites us to push the limits of our fears and discover our true power that lies behind the veil of anxiety!

Check out our recommended visualizations exercise explained in the Green Calcite Article for a more powerful result with this stone.

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