Using Crystals to Improve Health & Weight Loss

When we consider losing weight, changing our diet and making healthier choices, we tend to find ourselves having difficulties maintaining such sudden and drastic changes. We have discussed the effect of crystal properties and their effect on things like stress and anxiety-now, how can crystal properties have an effect on our desire to maintain healthy living, exercising the body and weight control? Let’s explore…

In a world currently dominated by fast food, instant gratification and minimal physical exercise, true health and physical self care appear to have taken a backseat to pleasure and comfort. For those who know it is time to make a change, there are a powerful series of crystals waiting to serve you on this mission! Our Mother Earth has provided for us four specific stones that will manifest each of the essential factors necessary for you to thrive on a physical and mental level toward your desired weight loss goals.

Using the combination of Garnet, Apatite, Tiger Eye, and Hematite will support you in your personal journey of weight loss and healthier living in general. The way these stones work together toward this goal allows one to make that initial jump, remain committed, and turn your healthy living into a new way of being as opposed to a temporary goal or quick phase. Allowing these crystals into your life will open up new doors to your potential and allow for an amazing transformation both physically and mentally.

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To begin this transformation process, we will need a burst of energy-something to ignite the fire of desire and motivation. The fire in our belly, that part of us that is eager to move forward and “just do it” is manifest in one of our most favorite stones. This is where the powerful energies of Garnet come in... Garnet helps to ignite the physical body into action and initiate the shifting of mind required to make the necessary changes. Garnet is a stone of pure energy, vitality, power. It also provides excellent support to the bones and blood, keeping the body strong and energy levels high during intense physical exercise. All you need to do is envision yourself with the physical body you desire and allow the Garnet to push you into making it a reality.

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Now that we have created our ability to step into our vital energy and to push ourselves physically, we can use a stone that will inspire healthy eating habits. Apatite is quite the name for a stone aiding in weight loss, don’t you think? Apatite is a stone of knowledge and inspires us to feed more than our bodies-it inspires us to feed our mind and spirit as well. Sometimes we may find ourselves eating when there is “nothing to do” or simply out of habit. Apatite encourages us to feed the body and mind in moderation. Apatite reminds us that when we are physically hungry, we nourish the body in a way that is geared toward self-love and in alignment with vibration of health. Apatite encourages us to put down a snack and to go and find “full-fill-ment” through other avenues. Apatite can help us to focus our mind and seek feelings of “fullness” in other positive ways such as meditation, learning, creativity and other higher spiritual desires.

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Once the habits of regular exercise and healthy eating have been established, Tiger Eye will help you discern which choices align most with these new behaviors. Opening to such discernment will grant insight on how each life choice will affect your progress and aid you in maintaining balance in all related decisions. Tiger Eye will provide you with the strength needed to remain disciplined in your new routines. The true spirit of the Tiger stays in alignment with focus, patience and practicality. These three properties are essential in reconstructing our daily routines and belief systems. Tiger Eye allows us to stay on the path of consistency and practicality keeping us on track and realistic with our health and weight-loss goals. It will also aid in fortifying your willpower and keeping your mind steadily focused on the long term goals you have set. This energy does not allow for any “cheat” days or “breaks”. It is the energy of consistent progress and focused growth. This stone will also be very beneficial for hormonal balance and lung health, stimulating the bodily functions needed to endure intense workouts and remain mentally clear on what’s next for your health and body.

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The Hematite component to this recipe provides a strong foundation for all of the other stones to work together harmoniously and magnetize their energies through your body. This stone will conduct all of these energies and help to maintain an unwavering flow. As the ultimate stone of grounding, it ties everything together so that you can draw in all of the energy involved and utilize it in accordance with your goals. Hematite also transmutes any negativity that may arise especially thoughts like “I can’t do it” or “I’m too overweight” and change them to positive ones such as, “I am fit” and “I am strong willed”. It will also boost your focus and practicality, allowing you to define smaller reasonable goals that lead up to the big picture. As a cooling stone, Hematite will help to regulate body temperature as you engage in physical exercise that may overheat the body. Lastly, Hematite is a great stone for “listening” to the physical body as it guides us on this journey. Our bodies are excellent tools and guides toward becoming our healthiest selves. Hematite brings us out of the busy mind and into the voice and consciousness of our physical body, allowing for smarter decisions and proper rehabilitation.

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Try this amazing Council Combination and see for yourself how it transforms your mind, spirit, will power and body. Add some Rose Quartz to this Combination to add energies of true Self Love- making your journey to healthy a joyous and fulfilling one!


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