Mars In The Signs

Mars, the fourth planet from the Sun and Earth’s neighbor is well known by many if not all people on this planet. In recent news and media it has become a hot topic mainly because of the many theories of being able to someday live there. What is less commonly spoken of however are its vibrational qualities, energetic relation to Earth, and how its position in the zodiac signs influences us. It is known by many as the “red” or “fiery” planet and is named after the Roman god of war (also called Ares in Greek mythology). The name Mars means “bright and burning one” and rightfully so since it is both physically and energetically an embodiment of these traits. As discussed in the Aries article Mars is a planet of passion, physical energy, power, action, sex drive, and masculinity (it is the masculine counterpart to the feminine planet Venus). It governs raw energy, boldness, turning ideas into action, competition, and the will to win. Its domain largely covers our sexual impulses but it also embodies courage, strength, and desire. Through these traits Mars also tells us what type of physical endurance we have and how prone to accidents we are.

Just like the Sun and Moon, Mars’ positioning at the moment of one’s birth has influence on the aspects of ourselves in which it rules over. In order to find out which sign Mars was in at the time of your birth you will generally only need the month/day/year of birth, although there may be some rare cases in which it switched signs just before or at the exact second of birth. Mars takes 687 days to fully rotate around the Sun which is about about twice as long as Earth (taking 365 ½ days). This means that it spends around a month and a half in each sign as it passes through the cycle. The influence of Mars can be quite intense as it generally brings conflict, tension, anger, accidents, and destruction. Although these aspects can be destructive, they present learning opportunities about these events and parts of ourselves, allowing us to use these fiery energies in beneficial ways. At its most negative, the power of Mars can bring about sudden illness or injury. On a larger scale it rules heat, fire, earthquakes, violence, and war.

If Mars is prominent in your chart you may be described as a go-getter with a rugged composition. You are quick and active, which is paired with a tendency to show initiative and resourcefulness but you also hate to be ordered around. You may be a strong leader who is very adventurous, allowing you to forge new paths for yourself and others but can also be brash, quick tempered, impulsive, and impatient (especially with things you are passionate about). Depending on how you use the force of Mars, you may be argumentative and reckless and can encounter a lot of discord within sex relationships. Mars’ energy in its highest form is representative of your unleashed energy and human will, which you may find difficult to use constructively due to its intense raw power but once you learn to tame and work with this power you can become unstoppable. Although not everyone has such prominence of Mars in their chart, its influence can still be felt in varied ways depending on which sign it is in.

Below are short descriptions of what Mars’ influence looks like in each sign. As a reminder: this is not based off of your Sun sign. For example, you may have had the Sun in Aquarius when you were born but Mars may have been in the sign of Taurus, so the Taurus description here would apply to you.

Aries: Mars is right at home in this sign since it rules Aries and therefore puts a large emphasis on the traits of force, brilliance, and energy. This results in great self-confidence and force of character. As an extremely adventurous, aggressive, and pioneering person you are always looking to try new things and start new projects. You strongly dislike being restrained and don’t like taking orders from others. Naturally, you want to lead rather than follow and can be very self-reliant as you often dislike depending on others. Impulsive and impatient, you go after what you want without hesitation making cooperation a weakness for you. You are quick to tell others how you feel about any given subject and do so with great certainty. In communication you are blunt and to the point. You are very courageous and honest but can also be tactless and combative. Martian Aries have fiery passions and easily become ignited, aggressively going after what they want (especially with sexual desire). You are also very active and assertive in your sex life, whether it is a short or long term relationship. In general, you have a domineering will to win and are able to spark others to respond to your ideas. You also carry with you the appearance and energy of youth throughout you entire life.

Taurus: Those with Mars in Taurus tend to have a slow and steady vitality that drives them forward to success and triumph through their determination and persistence. Although you mainly view success as reaching material gains (money and physical objects), you also believe that finding true love is one of the most important parts of success. You tend spend a lot of time and energy on sexual pursuits as you are passionate about earthy and sensual things. Within love affairs you are dominating and possessive (for better or worse) and can become very obstinate in your ways. It is possible for difficulties to arise in these love affairs (as well as any interpersonal relationship/exchange) because you tend to be unwilling to look at others’ points of view. This stubbornness can get you stuck in loops of depression or temper tantrums. Your tenacity gives you the power to create almost anything you envision and you will often accumulate money throughout life, possibly becoming a big spender.

Gemini: Mars in Gemini brings forth very high energetic activity of the mind. You are extremely intellectual, incisive, practical, and arrive at conclusions almost instantly. Your fast paced mind is able to quickly grasp new concepts and spin ideas. Although you can quickly think of and pick up new things, they may come to a halt as you lack the force of will to keep them going. You also have tendencies of hesitation and indecisiveness because it may be difficult to still such an energetic mind. You may frequently bounce between decisions and think of multiple things that delay you. As a Martian Gemini you vividly experience your sexual desires in the mind before making them a reality. The adventure that leads up to sex is the very enjoyable for you and you are easily aroused. On the flip side, once an affair loses its spice and becomes normal you immediately look for a way out. Many Martian Geminis tend to have a lot of affairs and marriages throughout their life. They are able to inspire and lead others with their power of spoken and written word. Many of these individuals have magnetic voices and can easily convince others of what they say.

Cancer: Mars in Cancer offers great strength of will but this is often held back, never being shot into the open. Since the power of Mars is turned quite subtle here, you take down any opposition by repeated assault, sending your force in little waves that become overpowering in effect as they accumulate over time. You have a very emotional approach to sex and it can easily become intuitive art for you, but your passion here tends to depend on what your partner projects to you. You greatly dislike it when your partner becomes unresponsive or insensitive but also tend to cling to relationships that make you unhappy. When you have outbursts they are portrayed through your temper and nervous irritability. You tend to have a lot of pent up energy that requires an outlet. Many people take note of you for your expansive vision and highly emotional work.

Leo: Martian Leos take the fire of Mars and give it some flare, making these people very noticeable. You are never ordinary and can easily grab both the affection and attention of others - better than anyone else! Making extravagant plans is one of your greatest skills as you have the force and drive to make them happen. Your sex drive is very dramatic and you are successful in sexual relationships because of your dynamism. You are also hot blooded and impulsive in these relationships and tend to require a great deal of attention. Although you typically dominate in most affairs, you are expressive, warm, passionate, and affectionate. It is a preference of yours to make love in luxurious surroundings. When at work you are very creative but can sometimes be overbearing, authoritative, and somewhat condescending. You generally see most events in terms of yourself and rarely take the role of an unknown observer. Mars in this position brings about great luck in gambling and speculations as well as the ability to attract very powerful friends.

Virgo: Martian Virgos are incredible workers who tend to find their highest success when taking systemized approaches to things. You have a great deal of pride and ambition but not to a point of appearing cocky as you don’t always show this on the surface. In the realm of work you have a quiet determination, always calculating and shrewd. As someone who is able to reach solve problems from the ground up you tend to doubt others who only focus on bigger problems because they somehow never reach useful conclusions like you do. You can easily separate yourself from your emotions when making decisions and have an extremely strong will. This makes professions that require a lot of emotional control (politics, psychology, investigators, business leadership, etc.) a very successful area for you. You are an excellent planner but must beware of getting bogged down in details as it will make putting your plans into action very difficult. With this placement of Mars, you may seem sexually laid back on the surface but this is primarily because your passions are kept under very tight control. Despite this, you actually tend to glamorize sex and want it to be both mentally exciting and physically rapturous.

Libra: The power of Mars tends to fluctuate when in the sign of Libra. When it comes to your sex drive you are impulsive and sensuous, spending a lot of energy forming emotional relationships. Although you spend a lot of energy here, you tend to have a laid back attitude towards sex and usually must be sought after rather than being an aggressor. You are idealistic and greatly appreciate beauty; tending to dislike crudeness. You prefer cultivated and sophisticated lovers but tend to become unhappy in sexual relationships. Having Mars in this position provides a unique artistic or literary talent and there is much beauty and balance in your work. You have an incredible ability to make a good impression on the public and have great passion for fairness in all matters. Before acting, you always carefully weigh out the pros and cons which can tame the powerful energies of Mars.

Scorpio: As the original ruler of Scorpio, Mars is very much at home in this sign.

There is a large emphasis on persistence and intensity here. With this placement, you are 

someone with extreme drive and resourcefulness. Your strength is mainly displayed through your persistence, determination, and relentlessness rather than in the heat of action. You are extremely disciplined in your efforts, always directing them towards a purpose. In this sense you are able to show great control over the powerful energies of Mars to a point that no actions are wasted and no excess energy is expended. Martian Scorpio sexuality is extremely strong and deeply felt as both Mars and Scorpio have connection with the sexual organs. In negative aspect, this strong sexual force can become more of an emotional sexuality that is displayed through jealousy, anger, and resentment. You are often quarrelsome and touchy in relationships and can possibly be ruthless at times as well. Mars in Scorpio greatly enhances the imagination and creative drive, making it easy for you to move an audience. Professions and situations that contain an element of danger or death often attract you.

Sagittarius: Being a fire sign, Sagittarius is able to spark the fiery energies of Mars in brilliant flashes. This positioning promotes courage, independence, and daring making you dashing and exciting in your actions. Although you are able to quickly and powerfully charge into things, you tend to be easily distracted and turn all of your fiery enthusiasm from one plan to another as soon as a new one arises. This can be a blessing in disguise however as you are very capable of accomplishing great things in short amounts of time. You are sexually passionate and sensual but view emotional commitments as a form of personal restriction. Your open and exploratory nature may lead you to having numerous affairs in your life. In most cases your sex relationships begin and end quickly. Mars in Sagittarius gives tendencies of acting rashly and impulsively but also a quick wittedness in speech and writing. You can easily amuse and please others and always make an excellent first impression.

Capricorn: Mars in Capricorn is all about the complete control of force and energy, only to be released when needed. If you have Mars in this position you are fierce, magnetic, and commanding in personality. The power of Mars is displayed through your obstinance and ability to endure. Obstacles mean almost nothing to you as you run over them forcefully. You have a great deal of vigor and self reliance due to your high levels of dynamic force. Sexually, you are very earthy and passionate but show great self-control in your relationships. You can be very hot-blooded, sexy, and romantic at times but become cold and disinterested at others. It is common for people with this placement to have a secret love affair with an older person at some point in their youth. In general, you channel your extreme power into whichever direction serves you best. The strong personal ambition of Martian Capricorns tends to project them into the public eye at some point in their lives.

Aquarius: The energy of Mars in Aquarius is primarily expressed mentally. You tend to act quickly but only if there is an intellectual commitment from you. You have tendencies to be very people oriented and involve yourself with a variety of projects. You can also be very high strung and unpredictable, leading to struggles between wanting to do something alone or with a group of people. Your outlook on things tends to have an air of reform and freedom. Your sexual nature is ambivalent and you have many strong sexual desires that are not always realistic or reachable. In sexual relationships you tend to swing between passionate involvement and detachment as you try to deal with these relations rationally. You acknowledge sexual desire but dislike being restrained by it which can sometimes lead to you having multiple affairs (often at the same time) so that you can’t possibly be fully committed to any of them. Martian Aquarius’ also tend to have acute insights into human nature.

Pisces: The emotional sign of Pisces takes the power of Mars and uses it to stir feelings and grab the emotions. With the energies of Mars you can easily bring forth your creative and emotional thoughts. Many artists, writers, and actors have Mars in Pisces and with this placement you are most likely noted for your compelling imagination.You have many big dreams and ideals as well as an impulse towards mystical or religious topics. Martian Pisces are very intuitive and tend to be quiet most of the time. Although you may have a quiet demeanor on the outside, you are extremely restless within. When you do outwardly express yourself you tend to be very humorous as well as diplomatic. You are extremely receptive to your environment and can be very sensitive to energy. As someone with Mars in Pisces, you to tend to store your feelings, ideas, and impressions in your subconscious mind and produce them at the most opportune times. It is natural for your to take on the responsibilities of others without complaint and are able to take on a variety of tasks for the sake of others. The energies of Mars here give you extreme intensity of feeling and this is apparent in your sexuality. You have a sexual nature that is very sensuous and deeply passionate. When in a sexual relationship you tend to involve yourself completely as you see sex as a way in which you can draw closer to another person , getting to know them fully, on both a physical and spiritual level. It is common for you to suffer disappointment in love. You tend to have difficulty figuring out what you want in life but your intuition tells you that you have a need to find spiritual purpose. Throughout your life you have an incredible ability to attract influential friends and gain monetarily from these associations.




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