Seven Powerful Ways to Cleanse Your Crystals

Generally speaking, cleansing is a simple process that removes all unwanted or past influences from a stone. When working with crystals it is very important to make certain that each of your stones are ready to program to your own, unique energy. This prepares the stones for your own use and is highly recommended as all of the different energies passed on from others are within it before they get to you. Please be sure to use these methods on any stones or crystals that you are using for healing work or within any negative environments.There are many methods for cleansing and depending on certain factors (hardness, vibration, or element of the stone) some may work better than others.



The first method is to let the Sun’s rays cleanse your stones. This is perhaps the most efficient and widely used method as the Sun can reveal and purify all energies with the stone. The only requirement for this form of cleansing is that you leave your stones in direct Sunlight (directly outside since windows can block some of the Sun’s rays) and remove them at dusk. This method can take one day or up to a week, you must pick up the stones with your receptive (left) hand daily to feel the energy. If the vibrations are good and you are satisfied, the cleansing is complete and your stones are ready for use. Some stones such as Citrine and Amethyst fade easily in sunlight, so it is recommended to keep these in the Sun for no longer than 30 minutes per day. This method will both cleanse and charge your stones.



The Moon is a feminine force of nature. It has a magnetic energy that re-tunes your crystals back to their essential vibrations. It is not necessary to do this all the time so using your intuition will allow you to gauge when the time is right to cleanse and recharge your stones. Find a good place for your crystals to bathe safely in the moonlight-this can be a window ledge or even a picnic table outside. Similar to the Sun method, this works best if left in direct Moonlight. If the moon is in a waxing phase, focus your energy on building up the energy of your stones. If the moon is in a waning phase, focus your intention on removing or pulling any negative energies from the stone. During this phase, see in your mind’s eye the Moon’s powerful magnetic energy warping away any negativity from your stones, leaving them refreshed and renewed. If it is a new Moon, take the time to reset or reprogram any of your stones and refresh it’s intended purpose or service. If the moon is full, this is the best time to cleanse and build up the vibrational frequency of your stones. At this stage in the Moon’s cycle, you will feel the energy pulsating upward toward the light in the night sky. It is recommended to leave the stone outside overnight and retrieve it at dawn but any amount of time in the Moon’s rays will have a significant effect. This method is safe for all crystals.



Another cleansing method is to use running water to wash away unwanted energy and impurity. Ideally this method is done by placing the stones in a river or stream overnight (using a net or other tools to keep them from floating away). Please be sure that the stones you are using can withstand long periods of time submerged in water. Do not try this method with fragile stones or those with a hardness of 4 or lower. If you don’t have an an available stream near or on your property you can collect water from one or use water from your sink if needed. In this case, run the water over your stone or leave the stone in a water filled bowl overnight, envision the water washing it clean of all unwanted energies and say something like, “I wash away all impurities with this water”. Do this until you feel the energy of the stone vibrating purely. This method works especially well with water element stones such as Rose Quartz or Emerald.



Our planet houses all of the crystals that we use and resonate with. While crystals are still within the Earth’s crust, they are being cleansed through our planet’s magnetic feminine energies. Leaving crystals in the ground overnight will allow them to regenerate and cleanse themselves. Be sure that the stones you are choosing for this method are okay in water in case of any rain. Serpentine, for example, is best kept 6 inches or more in the ground for one full day to restore its energies and reconnect it with Earth’s encoded history. Planet Earth is almost like a large crystal in of itself, and placing your precious earth element stones within it’s crust will allow unwanted energies to be pulled off of the stone-creating a more vibrant and potent vibrational frequency. Let the dirt, minerals and Earth energy refresh your stones, returning them to their natural vibrant frequency. As you are placing your crystal into the ground, express words of power such as “I now send you back into the crust of the earth from which you came, I ask you, our blessed Earth Mother, to pull away and remove any unwanted energies from this stone and to reconnect it with its original vibrational frequency.”



The most common way to carry out this method is to light a candle or two and move the stones you wish to cleanse back and forth, through the flames. Envision the flames burning away all unwanted energy and say something like, “I cleanse you in fire”. Do this as necessary until you feel the stones are cleansed. The stones should not be left in the flame for too long as many of them will crack or even explode, simply moving them back and forth through the fire will do the trick. Fire element stones such as Carnelian and Bumblebee Jasper resonate well with this method and will invigorate their energy.



Aside from Solar and Lunar cleansing, air energy is an incredible and common purifier for stones and energy fields of all kinds. Air cleansing is the act of blowing on or smudging our crystals with smoke. Air stones such as Fluorite and Amethyst are best cleansed in white sage smoke. When we match a cleansing method with the element of the stone, we are building up a more powerful method of cleansing. Begin by setting up your air stones in an area where the sage smoke can blanket each one’s energy field. Be sure that your sage is lit evenly, and begin wafting your stones in a counterclockwise rotation. The counter-clockwise rotation is symbolic of our “taking away” of or dispelling of any negative energies within the stones energy field that no longer serves us. After each stone has been “dispelled” we will now repeat this step again-this time in a clockwise fashion. Our clockwise fashion now represents our building up of our new vibrant and positive crystal energy. As we smudge our smoke in this fashion we can enhance our cleansing by speaking words of power. For example, “I now enhance your naturally occurring energy - I expand upon your positive and potent vibration, for the good of all and in accordance with free-will.”

Alternative Method

If none of the above methods are possible for you, there is a cleansing ritual that uses the 4 elements of Earth to purify the stones. This method requires a bowl of water, a candle (preferably red), a bowl of dirt from the ground (a flowerpot works nicely for this), and some white sage or incense. It is best to perform this at sunrise or at sometime during the day.

The steps are...

  • Fill the bowl with pure water and place it to the west.
  • Light the candle and set it to the south.
  • Light the sage/incense and place it to the east.
  • Fill the bowl/pot with freshly dug dirt and place it to the north
  • Place the stone in the center of these as you prepare it for cleansing

Once everything is in place focus on your objective of cleansing the crystals and still your mind. When ready, pick up the stone with your projective hand (right) and place it in the earth bowl. Cover the stone with the dirt, say something like “I cleanse you with earth”, and leave it buried for a few minutes as you envision the earth absorbing the stone’s impurities. Next, dust the rock off and hold it within the smoke on the east. Wave the stone from right to left, through the smoke, nine times. As you do this say something like “I cleanse you with air” and visualize the smoke enveloping the stone. Next, pass the stone through the flame multiple times saying something like “I cleanse you with fire” and envision the fire burning away all negative energy. Lastly, place the stone in the bowl of water and say something like “I purify you with water”. Leave the stone in the water for a while as you visualize the stone being washed clean and restored for your use. Once you feel ready, remove the stone with you receptive hand (left) and feel its energy. Repeat this process as necessary until your stones feel cleansed.

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