Six Crystals for Success, Wealth, and Prosperity

The following six crystals are known to aid in the search of overall success, earning wealth, and bringing forth prosperity. Connecting with these crystals is of great assistance when working towards these goals and will allow you to produce your own personal results. All you need is the right mindset so that you can align your actions with the success that you seek. These crystals will pick up on this vibration, match it, and help you carry out the actions required to manifest your intentions. Although they will all work together in their own special ways to assist you, it is not a requirement to have all these crystals. Choose whichever one(s) resonate and work best with you!

Learn More About Amethyst

Amethyst- A powerful stone for protection of both the spirit and physical body. It gives off exceptionally high frequencies and is a stone of the etheric chakras. Amethyst empowers you to refrain from over indulgence in things like unnecessary spending and can help you break any bad habits that are keeping you from achieving the success you seek. It provides a clarity to the mind that is of great help when making big decisions, especially those related to expansion. This quality makes it an excellent stone to keep around when making important financial moves; whether they involve buying a new house or car, or locking in on deals to expand your business. Bonding with the frequencies of Amethyst awakens the inner wisdom which enhances perception and understanding so that you can easily see which decisions will align best with your intentions. If you tend to overindulge on spending, try to carry an Amethyst tumbled stone in or around your wallet/purse to prevent from spending too much. Wearing Amethyst will also help to stay protected from people looking to force you into bad deals or straight up rip you off.

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Learn More About Citrine

Citrine- Throughout time citrine has been called the merchant’s stone as it is of great aid in acquiring and maintaining wealth and abundance. This crystal attracts fortune and can be ideal for those looking for success in business or careers. Citrine builds up the personal will along with the energy to manifest one’s ideas into reality through physical work and persistence. A useful ritual is to place a piece of Citrine in a vault (cash safe, drawer, wallet, or anywhere in which you store money) with your money to protect and increase financial wealth. Carrying or wearing it is said to increase success in all ventures, making it a great companion for anyone who is a business owner, tradesman, or just looking to pursue new things.  

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Learn More About Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine- Called the gamblers stone by some. This stone is known for bringing luck and success. Green Aventurine is best used when going to the casino, buying a lottery ticket, or placing a bet. This stone’s ability is not just about luck but is also about prosperity, growth and understanding. Through this, it shows us that luck is within our own mind and teaches us that we are worthy of many things. Green Aventurine is  known to draw in prosperity and protect from bad luck when carried in the left pocket and it is commonly worn or carried by investors as a talisman of good fortune to aid them in their everyday success. Another neat thing you can do with Green Aventurine is to place it in a bowl with loose change or inside a piggy bank and watch the money grow.

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Learn More About Pyrite

Pyrite- Famously known as fool's gold because of its gold like appearance, Pyrite may not have the same monetary value as Gold but certainly has treasures of its own. Pyrite can easily attract and manifest money as well as that which we value most in life. It activates the masculine energy that gets us going, helps us stay focused, and boosts willpower immensely. The energy of this stone is of great aid in becoming more successful in any line of work or business and to truly bring things to life. Pyrite allows one to feel more ambitious so they may work harder and bring forth success. Meditate with Pyrite not just physical wealth but also spiritual wealth. This stone will boost mental clarity and focus, awakening one's inner warrior.

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Learn More About Labradorite

Labradorite- A very strong healing crystal that cleans and strengthens the aura, protecting our positive energy from being drained or turned negative. This in turn, keeps us  protected from bad decision making and anything within the subconscious realm that keeps us from manifesting positivity into our lives. Labradorite helps one to awaken their own magical ability and powers, serving only true magicians that seek power over themselves to prosper and grow. It is a stone of magic that can be used for intentions of higher awareness taking you to a depth where an abundance of knowledge can be discovered.

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Learn More About Quartz

Quartz- The go to crystal for programming and amplifying intentions, Quartz can be a very powerful ally for all kinds of success, wealth, and prosperity. It is so great for all three properties, because of its ability to hold and record anything you put into it. As you continually program it, it will hold onto and increasingly amplify all of your intentions over time. Think of Quartz like a blank check, give it a property that will apply to your well-being and this crystal will magnify that which has been placed upon it. Not only does it hold these properties within itself but it also amplifies the energies of all other crystals so that they can more effectively aid you in your endeavors. Quartz also balances and synchronizes our own energetic vibrations with those of other crystals. Once its been programmed with your intentions, all you must do is allow it to bring change. Through this, Quartz will greatly benefit you on the journey of success, wealth, and prosperity.

These are just some of the stones that we have seen work wonders in the realm of success, wealth, and prosperity. If you feel that any of them resonate with you, try working with them individually or in any combination. Be sure to meditate with them first to familiarize your own energy with yours and truly form a strong bond with them. Wearing or carrying any of them with you throughout the day will help you feel their energy in any situation that may arise. Allow yourself to be open to change and keep the energy positive; a truly fulfilling adventure is sure to follow…

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We love to hear about people's’ personal experiences with the stones so feel free to share how you’ve worked with these stones in the comments below!


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