So, you’re a Libra? Your traits in the workplace...

So, you’re a Libra..... 

Of all the astrological signs in the zodiac, Librans make a great fit for any position dealing with human interaction, mediation and the ability to exercise their intelligent, airy side in a pleasant way.

Libras strongly value fairness and equality  represented in the balance of the scales. A Libran makes an excellent judge or lawyer and excels when working with the public. Gifted with intelligence and poise, they value fairness over all else and expect you to join them in that spirit. Their belief in fairness make them great mediators between two or more people who may be in disagreement or conflict and are a great addition to any friend group, family or network of relationships.

Libras may grow unhappy with any job that is too repetitive or mundane. Their satisfaction is achieved without the irksome obligations of “work”. What they truly desire  is to work somewhere where their intellectual and social sides are exercised.  In order to keep a Libra happy and interested in their job, they need a touch of mental stimulation and socialization along with a range of responsibilities. A Libra will shine like the Sun when placed in an environment where communication and socialization are encouraged. If you have the opportunity to work with or for a Libra, take advantage of the opportunity to witnesss the power of reason, logic and lengthy decisions up close.   

Libras are ruled by the beauty, charm and social grace of the planet Venus. This Venutian influence is the very reason for a Libras social and communicative strength. This energetic archetype is responsible for the magnetic charm of all Libras and why so many signs enjoy their “cool” personalities. When Libra takes advantage of these rather desireable traits and wields them in the workplace, they step into their natural attraction and appeal. 

Also stemming  from their Venutian influence is their appreciation of aesthetic beauty and art. As Lovers of art, they can express their Venutian talents in a variety of ways. Writing, speaking, interior design, music and fashion are especially attractive and natural to Librans.  Finding a position involving any of these art forms will sit well with and stimulate a Libra. Appreciation for Theatre, drama, music and art are direct  aspects of Venus’ influence and resonate strongly with Librans.. Sometimes, music or art may be the only thing that makes true sense to them. 


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