The Influence of Your Moon Sign - An Introduction

Many people are familiar with their Sun sign since it is solely based off of the Sun’s location on one’s date of birth. Moon signs however are a little more tricky because of how quickly the Moon moves through the signs - it takes about 29 days for it to move through all of the signs and spends an average of around two and half days in each sign. This means that in order to find one’s Moon sign the time of birth is often required in addition to the date.

It is important to understand the Moon’s role in astrology as its influence is second only to the Sun. While the Sun represents the ego, the part of us that is shown to others on the surface, the Moon represents emotions and the unconscious, the inner part of us that only we see. These two forces work together in a person where the Sun is shown through one’s will and the Moon through instinctive and unconscious actions, the side of us that reacts before thinking. The Moon also represents the inner psyche/subconscious and this side of our personality is often shown fully in our dreams.

The Moon rules over the emotions therefore influencing how we feel about others and even how others feel about us. This plays a huge role in relationships, especially in love. Generally, stronger relationships are formed when the woman has a Moon sign that is the same as the man’s Sun sign. An example of this would be if the man is a Libra Sun and the woman has her Moon in Libra. This doesn’t necessarily make or break a relationship but significantly increases the chances of a strong, long lasting relationship because they will be more likely to deeply understand each other.

Overall, the Moon sign is a modifier for the Sun sign. It adds many layers to the Sun sign including internal motivations, emotions, and different characteristics to one’s personality. This is why for example, two Pisces can be very different despite having the same Sun sign if one has a Moon in Gemini and the other is in Pisces. Additionally, having a Moon sign the same as the Sun sign results in those traits being doubled in your personality so a Sun Pisces with a Moon in Pisces would reflect the traits of the sign inside and out. On the flip side, if a Sun Pisces has a Moon in Gemini there may be some serious conflicting traits leading to the person feeling torn and in self conflict (especially emotionally in this case). It is important to recognize the positives and negatives of both signs in order to find deeper understanding of the self and balance out the inner conflicts that may arise. All of the other planetary placements in one’s chart also play a role in who we are but the Sun and Moon provide the general foundation for one’s ego and emotional bodies.

Below are some basic positive and negative traits for each Moon Sign.


Positive: energetic, optimistic, resourceful, initiative, idealistic, open to change

Negative: opinionated, impulsive, impatient, vain, domineering



Positive: artistic, affectionate, trustworthy, determined, wholehearted

Negative: stubborn, possessive, rigid, over cautious, a slave to routine



Positive: versatile, witty, charming, lively, amusing

Negative: superficial, inconsistent, disorganized, cunning, manipulative



Positive: protective, sympathetic, imaginative, loyal, tenacious

Negative: moody, possessive, self-pitying, nagging, critical



Positive: broad minded, creative, exuberant, fun loving, colorful

Negative: conceited, self centered, self indulgent, overbearing, bullying



Positive: meticulous, intellectual, responsible, steadfast, hard working

Negative: argumentative, standoffish, hypochondriac, nervous, easily upset



Positive:  adaptive, creative, charming, diplomatic, good natured

Negative: self indulgent, frivolous, dependent, indecisive, changeable



Positive: determined, ambitious, emotional, idealistic, imaginative

Negative: jealous, obstinate, secretive, resentful, domineering



Positive: open minded, optimistic, adventurous, exuberant, sincere

Negative: restless, extravagant, irresponsible, careless, uncommitted



Positive: determined, responsible, disciplined, patient, committed

Negative: pessimistic, rigid, opinionated, materialistic, over exacting



Positive: idealistic, creative, tolerant, humanitarian, revolutionary, progressive

Negative: aloof, contrary, unpredictable, fixed in opinion, tactless



Positive: sensitive, compassionate, loving, creative, loyal

Negative: discontented, indecisive, vague, secretive, easily confused




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