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Being a card-holder grants you a life-time discount to our shop! The rarer the card, the more exclusive the discount!
Excludes subscriptions, live-sales, and invoices.


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Minted on The Solana Blockchain

Solana is so efficient that it has an energy impact a fraction of other blockchains and has the numbers to back it up.

One Solana transaction uses as much energy as 1 single Google search.

Frequently Asked Questions

We made collecting NFTs easy! Using our secure checkout you can input your debit or credit card details to purchase one of our NFTs, no digital currency needed!

Purchase NFT

After you've purchase your NFT you will see a new button on your cart screen allowing you to apply your secret lifetime discount for our shop! Please note, this coupon code excludes subscriptions, live sales, custom invoices, and charity stones.

Your NFT is temporarily stored on our servers until you create a Solana Wallet. A wallet is automatically created for you when you purchase your first NFT and associated with your user account.

No problem! We can transfer any NFT you purchase to your own Solana wallet. Just message us at [email protected]

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