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We are passionate in our mission to provide others with the same stones that we would want in our own personal collections. We set ourselves apart from any other crystal seller by providing the quality that we ourselves would like to have. To give others this opportunity is the least we can do, and we continue to strive for more in this mission!

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Each month we choose a charity to sponsor and donate all of the proceeds of the purchase of a stone to that charity!

A talented hockey player, Travis Roy was paralyzed after his first shift at an NCAA game, resulting in the devastating halt of his sports career. Throughout his healing journey, Travis’s courage and determination to live fully radiated outward into the community. With tenacity a team-based mentality, Roy decided he wanted to assist other spinal cord injury survivors who had less available resources. Learn More Here.

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Welcome to our curated shop of healing crystals and gemstones. We advocate the healing power of crystals and offer a wide range of products. You will find jewelry, raw crystals, polished stones, oddities, and much more. If you have any questions about a product or order contact us here.

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