Subscription box
Subscription box

Monthly Crystal Subscription Box

The Crystal Council Box is a monthly healing crystal subscription service completely customized for you. You'll receive a survey each month and we'll customize your box based on the answers you provide. It can be anything from love & relationships, to anxiety relief & inner peace. Want to see pricing? Click the button below!

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"Every piece I’ve order has been top notch and absolutely gorgeous! If that weren’t enough, the ease of ordering, paying and working with the staff is amazing! The orders are processed extremely fast and come securely wrapped in beautiful packaging. It’s always like Christmas when opening my box!"

"Seamless transaction, beautiful shipping and great customer service!"

"Not only are the quality of crystals AMAZING, but the staff is so informative and positive. I have never had more fun buying crystals than on the live sale they had."

"Really I love everything about the crystal council. Every crystal I buy or receive in the monthly box is beautiful, wrapped securely, and good sized pieces."

"They are my best friends that I’ve never met. Their personal responses from the beginning really helped me through some pretty lonely moments that made me feel so much better because of the love they clearly packed into their boxes and crystals."

"I like the knowledge behind the crystals, you all do a great job on that. You seem to have direct connections to your crystal vendors which verifies your authentication!"

"Everything I’ve received has been very nice quality. I love getting my monthly boxes!!"

"I love the variety of crystal and the fact that I can trust their authenticity!"

"I love the fact that each box has crystals for a specific feeling for that month. Especially since I'm fairly new to using crystals, it helps me to understand which crystals help with what."

How it works


Make the choice between our Master or Apprentice box and start your subscription. Both boxes are packed full of crystals, trinkets, meditation tools, soaps, oils and more.


The first of each month you’ll receive a link (via text or email) with a short survey. This survey will let us know which aspects of your life you wish to improve. It can be anything from changing your daily attitude to manifesting your life goals.


Based on your response, we will craft a personalized box with unique crystals and items that will help you along your journey that month. The Crystal Council is here to assist you and help you grow.


Seeker box

Seeker Box

Not Personalized

Starting at $14/month

Expand your crystal collection with a unique specimen each month.

Apprentice box

Apprentice Box


Starting at $28/month

Perfect for newcomers and crystal enthusiasts alike.

Master Box

Master Box


Starting at $53/month

For those who wish to take their spiritual journey to the next level

Magister box

Magister Box


Starting at $108/month

Take Your Crystal Collection to the Next Level

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We understand the value of knowing what you are buying. Read more about our Oath to create the most genuine products with the most love.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I don't fill out my survey?

No survey? No problem. If you don't fill out your survey in time we will send you over our regular box of the month full of items.

Can I give the Crystal Council Box as a gift?

You can! Click here.

When will my card be charged?

Your card will be charged the 20th of each billing cycle period (1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months).

Will my subscription automatically renew?

If you purchase your subscription box per month, you will automatically be charged each month. If you purchase your subscription box in 3 or 6 month intervals, you will have the option to have it automatically renew upon expiration.

How long will I have to fill out each survey?

You will have from the 1st to the 7th of each month. We'll send you a reminder email if you haven't filled your survey out on the 7th. If you don't fill your survey out by the 7th we'll send you the regular box of the month.

How can the crystals help me?

What you put into each crystal is what you get out, they all have their own unique properties and are eagerly waiting to aid you. Each crystal is programmable in its own way, meaning that each crystal can serve you based on your intention combined with its purpose. For example, Rose Quartz is associated with love and relationships. You can use this crystal in your daily life to bring about more of and amplify these aspects of your life.

The Crystal Council Monthly Crystal Subscription Box is a healing crystal subscription service completely customized for you. You'll receive a survey each month, and we'll customize your box based on the answers you provide. It can be anything from love and relationships to anxiety relief and inner peace. Our monthly crystal box will also get you excited to check your mail again. Every month you’ll have something new waiting in your mailbox that boasts restorative capabilities. What’s more, our gemstone subscription boxes make great gifts for any occasion. People will adore such a special present.

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