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Mar 21 - Apr 19. This dynamic, fiery sign is driven, confident, and optimistic! Aries like to come in first, sometimes getting ahead of themselves when in pursuit of a goal. Those that fall under this sign can make for great leaders due to their tenacity and passion.

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April 20 - May 20. One of the most grounded signs in the zodiac, those born under this sign are known for being practical, reliable, and patient. No one appreciates the beauty of life like the Taurus. Dedicated to their dreams, the Taurus can be uncompromising in pursuit of their goals.

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May 21 - June 20. The Gemini is represented by the twins because of the duality of their personalities. At times, those that fall under the Gemini sign can be sociable and ready for fun; at other times, the Gemini may feel more restless and thoughtful. The Gemini is ready to experience all that life has to offer!

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June 21 - July 22. Cancer is known for being one of the most empathic and emotional signs of the zodiac. Those that fall under this sign tend to prioritize their family and home. The loyalty of Cancers makes them a wonderful friend and partner. Time alone at home helps this sign find balance.

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July 23 - Aug 22. Leos are natural-born leaders known for their creative, confident, and passionate nature. Natural goal-getters, Leos achieve whatever they set their minds to. Leos are warmhearted and naturally attract friends.

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August 23 - September 22. Virgos are loyal, analytical, and hard-working. They pay attention to the details and approach life with care and preparation. Virgos can be kind and loyal friends if able to keep their analytical skills from becoming too critical.

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September 23 - October 22. Libras are peaceful, cooperative, and fair. Partnership and connection are especially important to this sign, disliking too much alone time. The scales that represent this sign highlight their desire for balance and equality.

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October 23 - November 21. This passionate and assertive sign has no problem speaking up for themselves! Scorpios are resourceful, finding the answer to whatever question has captured their attention. It can take time to earn the trust of a Scorpio, but once done they are wonderful at keeping secrets.

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November 22 - December 21. Sagittarius is a curious sign that energetically follows their interests, especially in the area of travel. This idealistic sign is extroverted and optimistic. Those born under this sign are known for their endless enthusiasm!

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December 22- January 19. This serious sign is known for their self-discipline and polite manner. Capricorns are highly independent and learn from their mistakes to reach their goals in life. Those born under this sign tend to be practical and grounded.

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Jan 20 - Feb 18. If your birthday falls during Aquarius season, you may be quiet and shy to the outside world- but inside that optimistic brain of yours, the world is a beautiful place full of possibilities. Your logical and nonjudgmental problem-solving are a strength for you. Connect by grounding through the alone time that restores you.

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Feb 19 - Mar 20. Pisces are kind, compassionate, and highly in tune with their intuition when they’re at their best. Those born during this time might feel drawn to the arts, particularly music. Pisces with good boundaries can be one of the most tolerant and emotionally responsive signs in the zodiac.

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