The Crystal Council was created by two best friends, Vinny & Joe, looking to share their crystal knowledge and assist others along their spiritual journey.

Our Journey

In 2014 we tragically lost our best friend & brother, John, due to the carelessness of a drunk driver. John was innocently jogging down a road less than a half-mile from his home when he was fatally struck. That one moment in time changed our lives forever and truly pushed us off the course of what we thought was our own life path.

John was truly a remarkable person that inspired others around him to be the highest versions of themselves. He was our mentor and a driving force behind who we are today. In the short 20 years that he was living on this Earth, he taught us a lifetime's worth of knowledge about what it means to be a confident and unique individual. It was very apparent that he had an old and powerful soul that was destined to impact others.

In the years that followed the loss of our brother, we found ourselves searching for meaning in this tragedy and looking for a way to heal from this detrimental loss. We longed for a spiritual tool that would help us along our grieving and self-healing process.

Just before John was taken from us, he starting experimenting with meditation tools and manifestation practices. We followed in his path and were immediately drawn towards crystals and their healing energies after visiting our local crystal shop. We each had our own profound and lifechanging experiences with different stones we naturally were attracted towards.

Joe was looking for a way to connect with his brother again and reactivate his heart once more. He looked towards Moldavite, a powerful stone created from a meteorite's impact, to flush out the negative energy within him that he could not seem to shake. When meditating with this stone Joe experienced what is known as the "Moldavite Flush" which brings about a strong emotional release and assists in opening one's heart chakra. These two profound experiences solidified our belief in the healing properties of crystals.

Vinny has dealt with anxiety his entire life and was longing for a way to help suppress his constant negative thoughts. He was immediately drawn towards Labradorite and its powerful transformative properties. After wrapping the stone and wearing it daily, he found cooling energy overwhelm his aura to make his thoughts more manageable throughout the day.

Once we started, we could not stop educating ourselves on each crystal and how they have impacted our society and countless civilizations before us. Malachite, a known protection stone, has been mined as early as 4000 B.C. in ancient Egypt by the Suez and Sinai. The earliest version of the Bible was written in Malachite pigment, and in ancient Rome, Malachite was adorned on a child's cradle to protect them from negative energy. Scientifically, the 1996 Nobel Prize in chemistry was awarded for finding Fullerenes in the stone Shungite. These Fullerenes contain naturally occurring antioxidants and are a potential therapeutic agent. We truly believe that crystals were put on this Earth to heal every soul in this world. With so much information spread out across multiple channels, including ancient books and texts, we found it difficult to educate ourselves in an efficient and easy manner.

The Crystal Council is a platform that we wish we had as a resource when we began our studies. Our goal is to give people an easy channel to learn about stones and assist them with our crystal products.

Our specialty is our personalized subscription boxes, where each month our customers inform us of their current intentions and spiritual needs via a survey. We individually curate each box with our customer's current desires and goals in mind. We search through our entire crystal inventory to find the exact stones with the right energies that will best suit their needs. The crafting process is an enlightening and empowering experience, and we look forward to it each month! Our subscribers are urged to provide us with as much information as possible so we can get to know their true self. We don't just blindly put together a subscribers box, we read each and every response and individually take the time to get to know you to form a true connection.

We credit John 100% for pushing us to start this business and leading us down our own spiritual path. Without John The Crystal Council would not exist. We believe it is our duty and our privilege to impact other lives, just as John impacted ours. To this day, we still look to him for guidance and we put a little bit of his energy inside each and every box that we craft.

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