Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind

April’s spring awakening welcomes us to reacquaint ourselves with nature. This month’s full moon in Libra on April 16th celebrates the season’s first flowers; April’s full moon is recognized as the Full Pink Moon for the beautiful bright pink ground phlox that appears. As new growth appears around you, allow yourself to get swept up in the inspiration of April. This is a wonderful time to map out a garden, or research trees to plant. Arbor Day on April 15th brings our attention to the trees that surround us, while Earth Day on April 22nd beckons us to take a moment of gratitude for our planet.

We would like to thank each member of the Crystal Council Family for sharing an organization close to their heart.

The Crystal Council is so grateful to have the opportunity to contribute to a greater cause each month. The ability to connect with others, focusing energy and attention towards a specific goal is a privilege. This month we are excited to feature the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind! Since 1946, the Guide Dog Foundation has improved the quality of life for people who are blind, have low vision, or have other special needs, providing guide dogs and training free of charge. Applicants are welcomed into a community of highly-empathic certified trainers and paired with the best dog for them. This empowering program provides liberation, connection and companionship. We also love how many ways there are to get involved with the Guide Dog Foundation, including volunteering and even raising a puppy! This foundation’s ability to continue broadening their reach is amazing, and we love their dedication to inclusion.

This April we are featuring the illuminating tumbled Lazulite. Lazulite activates the sixth chakra, also known as the Ajna or third eye chakra, which rules intuition and psychic abilities. Often referred to as the Stone of Heaven, Lazulite deepens meditations, increasing the ability to expand consciousness at a new level and access Angelic realms. Meditating with this stone is beneficial for past life recall and can assist one in developing their visualization skills. Placing this stone in the bedroom provides a restful sleep and creates a serene setting. All proceeds from the purchase of this stone during the month of April will go directly to the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind.