Miracle Of Flights Las Vegas

Unwrap magic, possibility and authentic connection this December!  As the last month of the calendar year, December is a medley of musings, celebrations, endings and making space for new beginnings.  The act of giving a gift comes from the heart, and finding a genuine way to connect with another person can be so healing.  December's true essence is created from many moments, and attuning to that curiosity, joy and wonder is what makes this month so exciting!

We would like to thank the Crystal Council Family for another year of connecting with new organizations, communities and making so many great friends along the way!  The passion, time and love that goes into a cause is no small feat, and each of the organizations we have been able to feature this past year are so inspiring, revolutionary and literally life-changing.  This month we wanted to circle back to our home state of Nevada and support an organization that moved us.

Miracle Flights of Las Vegas, NV provides free flights to those in need of life-changing medical care which is not available in their local communities.  Miracle Flights took off in 1985, and was originally founded under the name Angel Plane.  The first private-plane flight, provided life-saving blood to Tonopah, a survivor of a traffic accident.  A year later, Angel Plane orchestrated their first patient flight for a 10 year old seeking cancer treatment.  Angel Plane was renamed Miracle Flights for Kids in 1996; as they expanded to assisting both children and adults in 2014, the organization officially became Miracle Flights.

In 2001, Miracle Flights was awarded the National Point of Light Award, originally established by George H.W. Bush to celebrate top charities in the US, and in 2006, Southwest Airlines began donating flights.

Miracle Flights also provides up to two round trip flights each month for eligible patients and family members for as long as it takes.  Treatments may be recurring, or another appointment may be necessary, and we thought it was so amazing that this organization has provided families with multiple flights over the course of many years.

This organization is constantly brightening up the community!  Recently, Miracle Flights organized Lights for Flights, a visual light display at Downtown Summerlin in Las Vegas, NV.  Take a picture with a light display of the words LOVE, JOY, HOPE, PEACE, SOAR, and MIRACLE, tag #LightsforFlights and spread the joy of the holiday season!  The display is available now through December 31st, 2022.

This month's featured philanthropy stone is African Jade!  A healing stone that feels like home, African Jade soothes and comforts on-the-go.  Ease difficult emotions, encourage your ability to receive the present moment, and bring balance to the heart chakra by working with this healing stone.  African Jade assists in the energy flow in the heart, lungs, arms and hands, helping to move energy for increased vitality.  Work with this stone to bridge the mental and spiritual with the physical body, to increase energetic harmony, and make working through intense emotions in real time a bit smoother.

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• YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKdU-2Eyt1gu-2zxNz6uruA

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• Learn More About Lights for Flights:  https://miracleflights.org/lights/