H3 Project

February is a time to tune into the frequency of love, kindness and compassion!  Warm up with a self love meditation centered around exploring what your love language looks like in present time, or envision loving energy being sent to a family member or friend.  Authentic love is a high vibration that each one of us is capable of; acknowledging what makes you feel seen or heard can assist in broadening one's spectrum of emotional understanding, and deepening your connection to oneself and others.  Stepping into February with the intention to radiate love, and offer compassion to yourself and others, is a beautiful way to send an energetic Valentine out into the universe!

Creating a ripple effect of positivity and change is a passion of the Crystal Council Family, and it is a gift to be able to connect with other like-minded individuals.  We love hearing which non-profit organizations are creating possibilities and bridging communities for a brighter tomorrow!  This February, the Crystal Council Family is very excited to feature The h3 Project, a non-profit organization based out of Washington D.C.!  The h3 Project’s vision is to create a future in which all individuals – regardless of gender, age, race, religion, or sexual orientation – experiencing homelessness and/or human trafficking – are given opportunities to live meaningful and self-directed lives, in homes of their choice, with support and services they need for success.  The h3 Project embraces the spirit of recovery and an attitude of self-directed hope, partnering with each individual to help shape their personal journey and realize their potential.  Through the collection of donations and grants, The h3 Project provides everyday essentials such as clothing, dental hygiene and feminine products directly to homeless individuals in the Washington area.

During the COVID outbreak, the H3 Project handed out hand sanitizer, latex gloves, Emergen-C packets and water to ensure the most vulnerable members of the Washington, D.C. community were able to boost their immune system and minimize the risk of contagion.  Recently, the h3 Project joined volunteers around the country for the annual PIT count which provides a yearly real-time assessment of our neighbors experiencing homelessness; this count assists in attaining the necessary amount of assistance for the community.  Union Station, Washington D.C., NoMa BID and Mount Vernon Triangle CID were the areas of focus for the h3 Project's assessment.  Dr. Ami Angell, of The h3 Project also recently provided lifesaving opioid awareness and naloxone education and training to individuals at the Father McKenna Center in Washington, D.C.!  The personal way the h3 Project makes a difference in the community is such an act of love, and we are so excited to help bring awareness to their organization!

Connect with The h3 Project:

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/h3Projectdc/

Call:  (833) 439-6757

E-Mail:  [email protected]

Quartz is the ultimate conduit and an essential crystal for any collection!  Quartz crystals may be programmed with a specific healing intention, and are excellent for deepening meditation practices.  A master healing crystal, Clear Quartz may be used for bringing the body into balance, enhancing energy and shamanic work.  This crystal harmonizes all chakras and encourages the fusing of the etheric bodies.  Quartz has the ability to bring clarity to energy work, and assist in the refinement of potency.  100% of the proceeds from the purchase of Quartz this month will be donated to The h3 Project.