Gary Sinise Foundation

What are we grateful for?

As we have painstakingly approached the month of June, it is finally here. It is time to tap into our senses and take in the beauty of the landscape that surrounds us. 

As we close our eyes and listen to the birds chirping, feel the warmth of the sun touching on our skin, smell the fresh air and let it fill our lungs. 

As we breathe in deeply, and be grateful for a moment. 

...Despite how difficult life can become one must always find something or someone to be grateful for.

Oak Tree

Something as simple as an Oak Tree encompasses so much meaning. The Oak is a symbol of life, strength, wisdom, power, honor, and stability. The Celtic term for the oak is “Duir” meaning door. It is said that spiritually advanced Celts would access their higher thought, being psychic vision or soul thought by visually opening the oak door. Being a June totem embodies the energy for this month by resonating fertility, life, creativity, and one’s true desires. The Oaktree would be useful for meditation when you are in need of stability and strength, try to envision the oak, drawing into its endless energy waves, and find yourself sharing in its light, power, and vibrations.

Gary Sinise Foundation

A charity that resonates with the Oak Tree and is the Gary Sinise Foundation. This foundation is a non-profit organization that supports militarily service members, veterans, and first responders across the country through a variety of programs. One of these programs is R.I.S.E-Restoring Independence Supporting Empowerment. This program helps to build/restore homes for wounded veterans, each home being mortgage-free and fully customized. Most recently the foundation provided face shields and hand sanitizers to front line workers during COVID 19. To learn more about what the foundation supports please visit their website at

Dalmation Jasper Charity Stone

For the month of June, The Crystal Council will be featuring Dalmatian Jasper for its charity stone. This unique stone is a quartz-based stone with spots of brown or black. These spots were thought to have been Tourmaline, but recent studies have suggested that they are the mineral, Arfvedsonite. It is a stone of service and helps to harmonize emotions and assist with maintaining composer. Its energy brings joy and a sense of playfulness into your life. 100% of all proceeds will be donated to the Gary Sinise Foundation.