Voices of Hope

January welcomes a fresh start in the Gregorian calendar. Invite prosperity, welcome new opportunities, and create positive change by channeling Capricorn energy to kick-start 2022! The full moon in January is regarded as the Wolf Moon or Buck Moon and takes place on Monday, January 17th.

The Crystal Council would like to extend gratitude to each member of the Crystal Council family. Each year we are able to continue celebrating great non-profits and bringing awareness to great causes is a gift. We would like to thank each member for their suggestions and are excited to feature Voices of Hope this January! Voices of Hope is a non-profit organization focused on implementing change for mental health through advocacy, campaigning, and story-telling. Since 2014 founders Genevieve Mora and Jazz Thornton have encouraged those struggling with mental illness to reach out for help, share their stories, and connect with others navigating a healing journey. Voices of Hope features various campaigns, each with a designated focus; currently featured campaigns include “Unite Against Loneliness”, “You Wouldn’t Say It to Their Face”, “We Bounce Back”, “To My Younger Self”, “Eating Disorders”, “It’s Not Weak to Speak” and many more. Each campaign features an archive of videos, each with a different individual sharing their story, as well as additional resources. Voices of Hope has been nationally and internationally recognized for their innovative content and modes of awareness.

This month the Crystal Council is featuring Agatized Moth Carapace. Agatized Moth Carapace is a rare tumbled stone from Indonesia which activates the physical body, creates a grounding connection to Mother Earth, and invites harmonization of the lower chakras. Meditate with this healing stone to increase the flow of Earth energy, invigorate the root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras, and connect to ancient knowledge. Work with Agatized Moth Carapace during times of overstimulation to encourage the flow of energy for a balanced effect. This January 100% of the proceeds from the purchase of Agatized Moth Carapace will benefit Voices of Hope.