Judi's House

As we begin to move out of the summer months and into September, it is a time to pause and refocus our energies. 2020 has been a challenge for all. It has pushed many people outside of their comfort zones and moved many boundaries that we have set for emotion and spiritual health.  There has been loss, sickness, financial hardships, and situations that we have had to question our own intentions. We know that it has been hard some days to seek out something to be grateful for and many had to look deep within themselves to find an answer, any answer as to WHY? We all at The Crystal Council are right beside each one of you, experiencing the same thoughts, emotions, and sometimes pure confusion.

The beginning of September comes with a full moon and will shine a spotlight on your dreams and emotions and will push you to dive deeper into your soul. It is a month 

to listen to your intuition and follow the path that is being laid before you by the Universe.

A charity chosen by our followers that we have selected to bring attention to for this month is Judi’s House. This organization was founded by Brian Griese, a former NFL player and his wife, Dr. Brooke Griese. Brian was seven years old when his mother, Judi was diagnosed with breast cancer and had succumbed to the illness 5 years later. The difficult time he had facing loss as a child, led him on a journey to help other children and their families, and in 2002 Judi’s House was founded. Their mission is to help children and families grieving a death, to find a connection and healing with their grieving, not leaving any child alone with their grief. They provide counseling, education, coping and caregiver skills, and peer support. The organization is based in the Metro Denver area and since 2002 has supported 11,000 youth 3-25 years of age. The model that they have developed is replicated in communities across the country.

The charity stone chosen to support Judi’s House is the Banded Agate Slices or otherwise known as Botswana Agate. Banded Agate is an agate native to Botswana that has exceptional bandings of white, black, grey and sometimes blue. It is considered superior to other agates due to the near-perfect banding it has. It is a stone for grounding and centering the energies.This stone pushes one to have a “spiritual awakening” that has no boundaries or limits. Botswana Agate can be the start to one's personal evolution and even environmental transformation. This miraculous stone helps one see what it is they truly need and want to get out of their life experience, while providing one the mental strength to make the change they desire. 100% of all proceeds from the purchase of this stone will go to Judi’s House. 

Thank You to our followers for choosing this charity.