Adopt a Classroom

July sparks gratitude, encourages reflection and inspires motivation towards the next step in our quest for growth. Encompass July's abundant solar energy by meditating outdoors with crystals, taking a walk, gardening, or stretching with a  Sun Salutation yoga sequence to energize and revitalize your being. Balance your internal emotional landscape by paying homage to the sun as well as the moon. One of the brightest full moons of the year, July's Full Buck Supermoon in Capricorn occurs Wednesday, July 13th at exactly 2:38 PM EST. Capricorn, the cardinal earth sign ruled by Saturn, is ambitious, hard working and determined to progress regardless of obstacles. The successful nature of Capricorn inspires evaluation regarding current strictures, encouraging one to proceed with intention to reach their goal. The full moon in Capricorn illuminates the belief that hard work and dedication results in forward momentum, and any difficulty simply provides experience.  This is a time to release, notice any emotions coming to the surface, celebrate progress and simply meditate on the ominous wisdom of the full moon. 

The Crystal Council would like to celebrate each member who continues to spread compassion, kindness and joy; the domino effect of positivity is immeasurable. As summer opens up around us, school may be a far-away thought, but so many teachers and educators are already prepping for the upcoming school year. Transforming a classroom into a magical, hands-on learning environment is a task many teachers take on readily, with an open heart and a passion for education. This month, the Crystal Council Family is proud to feature Adopt a Classroom, an organization devoted to giving to where it's needed most, directly to a classroom or to a targeted fund. Adopt a Classroom has taught us that 96% of teachers purchase school supplies so their students don't go without, and most teachers spend $750 a year on supplies. The tenacity of teachers across the nation resonates with Capricorn energy, thriving through perseverance and passion!

Spotlight Funds which Adopt a Classroom is currently featuring include the Art Fund, Covid-19 Relief Fund, Inclusive Classroom Fund, Indigenous Language Fund, Natural Disaster Fund, Racial Equity in Schools Fund, as well as the STEM Fund! We love that Adopt a Classroom fuses community and direct action to positively influence the children of today, our future leaders of tomorrow. As our Crystal Council Family is spread far and wide, we are selecting the option to donate to where it's needed most, but welcome everyone to explore the ability to donate directly to a local teacher, classroom or school!

This July, we are featuring Zebra Jasper, a black, white, grey and beige mottled grounding stone that instills balance. Zebra Jasper is renowned for it's uplifting energy which motivates and invigorates the physical body. This healing stone radiates stability and replenishes physical vitality, beneficial for those exerting energy consistently or taking on a taxing task. Zebra Jasper activates and aligns the entire chakra system, creating a clear channel for energy to flow from crown to root chakra. Keep this stone in your pocket during hikes this summer to sustain energy and connect deeper with Mother Earth while trekking! All proceeds from the purchase of Zebra Jasper this July will go directly to Adopt a Classroom to donate where it's needed most!