Travis Roy Foundation

June’s arrival is lush and refreshing. Celebrate the gift of sunlight this month with the revitalizing Summer Solstice, also known as the June Solstice, which is the longest day of the year!    As we enter the month of June, we pack the creature comforts Taurus season has laden us with and head outside to bask in the inquisitive energy of Gemini. As you enjoy the warm summer breeze, allow the sunlight to activate your third-eye chakra and let your mind go.

We are grateful for all of the charity suggestions we have received for July!Each charity allows us to contribute to an organization which has affected a Crystal Council family member.The more we know, the more we grow!

The Crystal Council is proud to support the Travis Roy Foundation for the month of June.Since 1996, the Travis Roy Foundation has been committed to the empowerment of spinal cord injury survivors.The physical, emotional and monetary cost of a spinal cord injury can be stressful.By providing assistance, the Travis Roy Foundation is able to alleviate some of that stress, assisting paraplegics and quadriplegics in living their life more independently.

A talented hockey player, Travis Roy was paralyzed after his first shift at an NCAA game, resulting in the devastating halt of his sports career. Throughout his healing journey, Travis’s courage and determination to live fully radiated outward into the community. With tenacity a team-based mentality, Roy decided he wanted to assist other spinal cord injury survivors who had less available resources. Through assisting others in obtaining the adaptive equipment necessary to live a fuller life, Travis not only empowered himself but many others.

Approximately 250,000 people are currently living with a spinal cord injury; 13,000 new injuries occur each year in the United States alone.The Travis Roy Foundation has contributed over $4.7 million in grants to researchers committed to solving challenges related to paralysis.Through individual grants as well as contributions to rehabilitation institutions and research projects, The Travis Roy Foundation has created a ripple effect of positivity.

For the month of June we will be featuring Green Amethyst, also known as Prasiolite. A low-quality piece of Amethyst, Prasiolite has been heated to remove any impurities, resulting in its light green color. Green Amethyst is associated with the 4th Chakra, also known as the Heart Chakra, and the 1st Chakra, also known as the Root Chakra. Green Amethyst acts as a protector of the emotional body and aids in balancing trauma in the body. When working with Green Amethyst, place it directly on your heart chakra with the intention to clear and heal any restrictions prohibiting you from growth. Green Amethyst is also an excellent addition to any self-love rituals, as it aids in confidence and self-appreciation. When working with Green Amethyst, we are reminding ourselves to make decisions from a heart-centered place and allow it to radiate outward. All of the proceeds from the purchase of Green Amethyst during the month of June will be donated directly to the Travis Roy Foundation.