Pilots N Paws

June's warmth welcomes celebrations of summer, inviting playfulness, fun and imagination. Warm breezes flutter through the full, lush green treetops, and birds sing alongside butterflies in the garden. Step into nature with curiosity and allow yourself to get swept up in summer's magic. Expressing gratitude for all living things through mindful living activates the heart chakra, radiating genuine love and compassion. Simple acts such as filling a birdbath with freshwater or planting a butterfly garden elevates the environment, infusing it with thoughtful love and care.

The Crystal Council Family's ability to continually bloom is beautiful. We are so grateful for each member that has suggested an organization that sparks positive change and contributes to a greater cause! This June, the Crystal Council Family is soaring to new heights with the amazing non-profit Pilots N Paws. Dedicated to putting an end to pet overpopulation, Pilots N Paws works with animal rescue groups and volunteer pilots across the country. This all-volunteer organization is comprised of volunteer pilots which donate their time, their planes and their fuel to make a memorable trip fueled by love and hope for a better future. Pilots N Paws has a goal of making transportation available for all rescued animals that have loving homes waiting for them, no matter the distance. We love that volunteers are encouraged to share their rescue stories on the Pilots N Paws discussion board!

A 70-pound golden retriever needed a lift across state lines from Madison, MS to Germantown, TN. PnP pilot Jim Carney loaded up JC to get him to Memphis Area Golden Retriever Rescue.

This June we are featuring tumbled Mookaite! This high vibrational healing stone stimulates and balances the lower chakras, grounding the body. Amplify easy-going energy, inspiration, and positivity while welcoming possibility with the assistance of Mookaite. This stone helps one build confidence and make wise decisions without being influenced by the opinions or ideals of others. Keep tumbled Mookaite in your pocket or bag to hold when working through difficult changes to increase adaptability. All proceeds from the purchase of this stone during the month of June will go directly to Pilots N Paws.