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June brings a bright, inquisitive energy, signaling Gemini season is in full swing!  Gemini is represented by the archetype of the twins, ruled by Mercury, and is associated with learning, communication and the air element.  Multi-task with ease, engage in a passionate discussion with a friend or peer to swap ideas, or try a new hobby that you've always been interested in this month!  Exploring themes of synergy and centering wellness focuses around the lungs, arms and hands can be a beneficial way to tap into the mercurial influence.  The end of June tapers off with Cancer season, ruler of emotions, intuition, family and home, inspiring nurturing and setting the tone for balance within. 

The Crystal Council would like to thank each member who has contributed to one of our featured nonprofits!  It's so exciting to continue supporting amazing organizations, so please let us know if you find a particular cause that inspires you.  This month, the Crystal Council is proud to feature Move to Heal of Connecticut!  Move to Heal has a mission to enhance health for all individuals who suffer from all forms of mental health issues, addiction, depression and other life challenges by offering free group exercise, support meetings, nutritional coaching and mental health counseling.  Group exercise, group support meetings, nutritional coaching, mental health counseling and community services are combined to create a multi-faceted support system that truly feels immersive, personal and unique to the individual.  This organization began in 2014 when licensed clinical therapist Alexandria Hershman began researching the significant long term benefits of combining exercise with mental health counseling.  Hershman's father, Ethan, had been navigating a sobriety journey of nearly 30 years, and through experience, validated Allie's research of physical, emotional and mental balance.  As a gym owner, Ethan witnessed the positive effects of working out, and set out to create an organization where others could receive the guidance, encouragement and wellness that could create a ripple effect of change.  Colleen Delaney, Ethan's gym partner, is the third founder of Move to Heal, and provides the experience of an athlete with a passion for healthy living; her personal journey of navigating Crohn's disease with the help of a vigorous nutritional program and a healthy fitness program speaks to the effectivity of finding a mind body balance that speaks to the individual!

Get to know the Move to Heal team by attending a meeting or workout session in one of seven available locations across Connecticut!  Norwalk, Branford, New Haven, Wallingford, Putnum, Smithfield, and East Longmeadow all offer group fitness and support meetings which are free to attend.  Nutrition and counseling sessions are available virtually, and through appointment.  More than 900 Move to Heal members attend workouts and meetings a month, and over 82 patrons are currently enrolled in monthly gym memberships; Move to Heal also hosts 65 individual therapy sessions and over 30 nutritional consults per month, creating an amazing outreach of support, healing and connection.  We love how Move to Heal provides all services for free, and places an emphasis on ensuring wellness is available to those who are sober-curious, in recovery, or interested in exploring new ways of creating a solid foundation of health.  Check out their upcoming schedule, and bring a friend to a session!

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Bridge the mind body connection with this month's selected philanthropy stone, Aura Quartz!  This high vibrational stone is beneficial for healing on multi-dimensional levels, ideal for bringing the body into a state of balance.  Revitalize the body on a cellular level by enjoying a meditation with Aura Quartz prior to a workout, or as part of your cool-down routine.  Aura Quartz is excellent for programming, and as an alchemized stone, lends exceptional energetic charge to any intention or feat.  As a variation of Quartz, Aura Quartz can be utilized to alleviate dense energies, and directed to stimulate or clear energy; place your stone directly on the body to deeply clear and reset the vibration.  100% of all proceeds from the purchase of Aura Quartz will be donated to Move to Heal!