Wolf Connection

March summons spring, welcoming a new cycle of life.  A month celebrating luck, love and growth, March is full of exciting new beginnings and possibilities!  March 3rd’s new moon in Pisces sets the tone with healing intentions relating to expanding one’s subconscious and exercising intuitive abilities; as Pisces is a water sign, including a water element in your new moon meditation is an excellent way to channel Piscean energy.  Day Light Savings on March 13th begins at 2 a.m., extending daytime by an hour, just in time for the St. Patrick’s Day celebration on March 17th.  St. Patrick’s Day’s pot of gold, shamrocks and bright green all correspond with the ability to manifest luck and good fortune; green is also the color associated with the heart chakra, which is the manifesting powerhouse.  Ostara, the pagan celebration marking Spring Equinox on March 20th is a time to honor fertility and the cycle of life; how would you like to celebrate the arrival of spring?

The Crystal Council Family would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to each member who suggested a philanthropy for us to feature.  Each month it is a privilege to select an organization to celebrate and feature.  This March, the Crystal Council is excited to feature Wolf Connection, an amazing educational sanctuary and wilderness retreat center.  Since 2009, Wolf Connection has assisted over 2,500 people through wolf therapy programs.  Wolf Connection provides youth-oriented programs as well as therapy for women, families and veterans.  The goal of Wolf Connection is to provide therapy through exercises which assist with connecting with one’s environment, self and community.  Empowering therapy is centered around wolfdogs and encourages connection to oneself, their environment and their role in a community or “pack”.  Wolf Connection currently houses a pack of 33 wolves and counting, which you can learn about on their website, and even sponsor!  Each wolf has their own story to tell; some wolves are rescued from cases of abuse and neglect, owners experiencing life changes or conflict due to animal regulations and law.  We love the heart-centered approach to healing Wolf Connection provides.  It was shared with us by the Crystal Council family member who volunteers at Wolf Connection that a recently one of the wolves had to undergo a leg amputation; we are sending crystals to assist the pup during their healing. 

This March we are featuring empowering Orange Calcite.  This healing stone is associated with the first and second chakras.  The first chakra, also known as the root chakra rules safety, security and well being, while the second chakra is associated with emotions, sexual energy and creativity.  Orange Calcite encourages energy flow to the root and sacral chakra, alleviating fear and stagnant, limiting energy; this stone is excellent for those looking to add a positive burst of energy to their day or meditation practice.  The sun is the ruling planet of Orange Calcite, encouraging healing and increased vitality.  All proceeds from the purchase of this stone during the month of March will go directly to Wolf Connection.