Lewy Body Society

As May approaches depending upon what hemisphere you are in, you are either looking out your window anticipating the blooming of beautiful flowers and their vibrant colors or preparing for the appeal of the colors of Autumn. Despite where you are the month of May, it is noted to be a month of enchantment. Take a moment and embrace where you are and breathe in all the beauty around you. 

Every month we focus on choosing a charity that has been suggested by anyone associated with The Crystal Council. We are honored this month to focus on a charity that is personally connected to one of our Crystal Council family followers, The Lewy Body Society. This foundation brings awareness to Lewy Body Dementia. Lewy bodies are proteins deposited in the brain associated with the death of brain cells. It is very similar to what occurs in Parkinson’s disease but the proteins are in different parts of the brain. It can be very complicated to differentiate between  Lewy Body Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, and Parkinson's Disease-related to having the confusion and loss of memory associated with Alzheimer's and motor symptoms and slow movements as with Parkinson's. 

It is estimated that 1.4 million people live with this disease in the USA and most people are diagnosed over the age of 50. The Lewy Body Society’s mission is to fund research and raise awareness of the disease. They also provide support for those living with the disease and their families. 

For the month of May, we will be featuring tumbled grade A Garnet as our charity stone to represent Lewy Body Disease. Their deep red color, speaks to your senses. Garnets are very grounding stones that have incredible manifestation abilities. They are of great assistance in bringing creative thoughts into the physical world. The dense energies of Garnet not only ground one so that they may fully experience physical life, but also provide a powerful shield that can keep negative energies from attaching to them. Garnets are an excellent stone to bring along when physically exerting yourself in any activity and is highly recommended when hiking. It is a stone of commitment in that it grounds and commits one fully to their purpose, to others, and to themselves. Through its vibrations of devotion and commitment, Garnet is an excellent stone for love and relationships as well. All proceeds for the purchase of this stone will be donated to The Lewy Body Society.