Project Purple

May brings more sunshine, fresh flowers and Mother's Day. Mother's Day is not only a celebration of your mom, it is recognition of the cycle of life. The ability to bring another human forth from flesh is magical in itself. Mother Earth grants us nature in all its glory. Rejoicing in the sanctity of creation, Mother's Day brings us closer to all things, ancestral and earthly.

The Crystal Council Family is always searching for amazing causes to feature; please reach out if you have a specific non-profit organization which moves or inspires you! This May, we are pleased to celebrate The Purple Project ( The Purple Project is dedicated to providing grief support and sevices to parents and family members who have suffered the loss of a child. Within their mission statement, the Purple Project states their purpose is to offer compassion, hope and healing. This organization strikes a very sentimental chord; losing a family member, especially a child and grandchild is devastating. The ability to heal through connection is incredibly powerful, and we are very excited to share The Purple Project's story.

The Purple Project began after the tragic loss of Alisha Bromfield and her unborn child, Ava Lucille. Alisha and Ava were brutally murdered, leaving behind grief-stricken friends and family members, including Alisha's parents Sherry and Joe. During the trial for Alisha and her unborn baby, Ava, Sherry and Joe Ancich were directed not to wear anything with thier daughter Alisha's picture on it. Sherry, navigating grief with guidance from a deep inner whisper saying, "Choose love, not hate", came up with a smart and powerful way to pay homage. In celebration of the bright light that was Alisha, Sherry wore all purple to the arraignment, every motion hearing and trial. Shortly after, friends and family began wearing purple to court in representation of Alisha too.

The Purple Project has created a ripple effect of compassion and empowerment. From hosting a Bereaved Mother's Grief Retreat complete with a Rosary session, meditation and Rose ceremony, to their Baby Sponsorship program, this amazing organization has touched the hearts of many families. The Baby Sponsorship program is such a thoughtful way to directly and positively impact the life of a mother and her child. Created by Purple Project, Baby Sponsorship program collects funds and items to sponsor a young single mother for the first year of her baby's life. In 2021, Purple Project sponsored baby Joshua and his mother. To donate clothing, diapers, wipes, toys and other physical items email: [email protected].

This May, the Crystal Council is featuring Hematite, a powerful protection stone that provides a peaceful grounding sensation. Hematite is not limited to, but especially empowering for women seeking strength and stability. An excellent healing stone to assist with releasing compulsions or addictions, especially excessively indulgent tendencies. Hematite promotes harmony between the etheric bodies and helps to release anxieties, stress, and the inabiity to maintain grounded. This stone is also beneficial for those delving into shadow work, allowing subconscious expansion while supporting heavy emotions. All proceeds from the purchase of this stone during the month of May will go directly to Purple Project.