Truth & Faith Pet Rescue

Breathe deeply and step into the sunshine as you embody the vitality of May!  May ushers in revitalizing energy, the harmonization of masculine and feminine energies to cultivate new life, and an enhanced connection with nature.  In Celtic tradition, May 1st marks Beltane, a celebration of fertility, purity, and oneness with the Earth.  Beltane is named after the Celtic Sun God, Belenus, whose light encourages growth, burns away detritus, and nourishes new life.  Traditionally, a bonfire is created during Beltane, but any incorporation of the fire element can be worked into your routine.  Light a candle, gather a bouquet of wildflowers, braid your hair, or collect morning dew for enhanced beauty and vitality to pay homage to Beltane traditions!

Each month is a new opportunity to shine a light on an amazing non-profit organization that is making a difference!  We are always excited to hear about what cause inspires you, or about a non-profit that is creating change and possibility, so please reach out to let us know if a particular call-to-action moves you.  This month the Crystal Council Family is proud to feature True & Faithful Pet Rescue of Venice, Florida.  True & Faithful Pet Rescue has been specializing in saving senior dogs and the unwanted from high kill shelters, with a goal of rescuing, healing and educating.  In their first year of operation, True & Faithful rescued and found homes for over six hundred dogs, relying solely on donations!

We discovered this amazing non-profit on TikTok, where they have videos of their day-to-day operations and share what it's like to save, work with and home dogs in need.  We especially love how True & Faithful makes each day fun and fulfilling for their senior rescues, providing them with an intimate, loving experience.  From swimming in the rescue's mini pool to taking the seniors on a car ride adventure to get fast food, True & Faithful makes each day immersive and exciting.

True & Faithful Pet Rescue ensures the physical, mental and emotional needs of each being are met.  Each rescue is provided the necessary medical assistance, from bloodwork and dental to surgeries and spaying/neutering, to get their health on track, and help them feel their best!  The best part about True & Faithful Pet Rescue is that no dog is excluded due to age or medical issues, giving each rescue an opportunity to live fully.  You can even get to know True & Faithful's Residents, which are rescues not suitable for adoption that have been provided a forever home at the mission.  We love From fresh homemade food to vet trips, we know each rescue is receiving the attention they deserve.

Recently, True & Faithful has organized the transportation of 16 rescues from Venice, Florida to Virginia to find their fur-ever homes.  All of their fresh food was prepared in a cooler for their trip to the Animal Welfare league of Alexandria, an organization that has housed many of the rescues True & Faithful have saved in South Florida!  Let's help True & Faithful gear up for their next goal, and provide some support to get everyone excited for a great summer of love, fun and new beginnings.  You can also volunteer at True & Faithful if you are in the Venice, Florida area, and would like to help out at events or work with the rescues.

This month we are featuring Nellite, also known as Lionskin or Honey Stone!  A combination of Tiger Eye's protective, grounding and prosperous energy, and Pietersite's ability to expand conscious awareness, Nellite is the ultimate stone to work with when bringing your dreams into reality.  This stone activates the third eye and solar plexus chakras, energizing one's vision to propel it forward.  Bonding with your Nellite specimen can be an enlightening experience that creates possibility, and dissolves stagnant energy and doubt.  Meditate with Nellite to bring yourself back to a confident state-of-being, or keep it next to you as you work on a project.  100% of all proceeds from the purchase of Nellite will be donated to True & Faithful Pet Rescue!






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