Meals On Wheels

These last couple of months have been heavy with many mixed emotions, negative energies and as we look at the world around us, it is much different then what we have all been used to... a familiarity we have once felt may now feel like a distant memory. Every day when we awake and open our eyes, it is a new day, a new beginning and only we have the ability to shape that day into what we need it to be. As we move out of the month of April, and those difficult days one may have experienced, it is time to move forward into the month of May. The birthstone for the month of May is the precious Gemstone Emerald, with the beautiful dark green color it holds vibrations of mother earth and cultivates her presence. It is said that Emerald is useful in enhancing manifestation spells on the moon bearing luck and hope. May also carries the energy for second chances in reaching our personal goals or hearts desires.

Meals on Wheels

During the Covid 19 pandemic, we at the Crystal Council are choosing charities that can help communities and those affected. We focused on food banks for the month of April and for the month of May would like to bring attention to the elderly population and Meals On Wheels.

Assisting Seniors

This organization helps keep seniors nourished in communities across the country. They are a vital organization especially during this time as our seniors are a high-risk population, are not driving and some depend on outside sources only for their daily meals. Since the Covid 19 pandemic, there are thousands of seniors who have been added to this program and the numbers will continue to rise.

Green Calcite

The featured crystal for the month of May will be Raw Green Calcite. It may not be an Emerald, but its unique beautiful light green shade is very soothing and will assist in the removal of stagnant energy that surrounds you or your environment. Green Calcite assist you in your journey for self-discovery and is a reminder that your imperfections are what make you uniquely you. It acts as a purifier and cleanser for the body and aid in fighting infections. All proceeds from the purchase of this crystal will be donated to Meals On Wheels.