For the month of October, The Crystal Council will be supporting National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM). This commemorative month started back in 1985 when a partnership between the American Cancer Society and a pharmaceutical company in conjunction with their production of breast cancer medication decided they would promote Breast Cancer Awareness. The idea took off and is now an international health campaign to increase awareness and to raise funds for research, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and cure. In 2019 it is estimated that 268,600 new cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed in woman, 2,670 new cases in men and more than 41,760 women are expected to die from the disease. One in eight women are diagnosed with breast cancer in her life time.  

Simply put, cancer is when changes or Mutations in DNA can cause normal breast cells to become cancerous. Breast cancer can affect woman of all ages. Certain DNA changes can be inherited that can increase a woman’s risk, doubling it if they have a first-degree relative, being a mother, sister or daughter that has been diagnosed.  Hormones and life-style related risk can also increase a woman’s risk for this disease but how it happens is not fully yet understood. 

So get to know your boobs, tatas, jugs, knockers..or whatever you want to call them. Touch them and feel what is normal. Look for changes or feel for lumps. Be aware of breast swelling, breast/nipple pain, skin irritation/dimpling, nipple retraction/discharge and ANY swollen lymph nodes especially under the arm and collar bone and call your doctor.


The charity that we will be supporting for the month of October will be METAVIVOR. This non-profit, volunteer-led charity focuses on research for those who have stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. Cancer that has spread outside of the breast area and there is no cure. On average only 2-5% of breast cancer fundraising goes to researching metastasis. 100% of all donations to METAVIVOR will go into research grants in hopes of one day making metastatic breast cancer a chronic condition and not a disease to succumb to. 

Elestial Amethyst

We have chosen Raw Elestial Amethyst Scepters for our charity stone. Believed to boost immunity, reduce pain and strengthen the body to fight against cancer. It aids in helping to join the fight to destroy malignant tumors and tissue regeneration. The Celestial means the crystal of the angels and provides angelic energy. This stone has an extremely high vibration and will assist with personal growth and healing.

We would like to encourage anyone who reads this article to practice excellent breast health and to get to know your body. If you notice changes please see a health care person immediately.