National Food Banks

Help us support local food banks by purchasing a Lapis Lazuli stone this month. 100% of the purchase (all $5!) will be donated to non-profit food banks in the U.S.

To show our support, we will be MATCHING all donations!

That means that for each Lapis Lazuli stone purchased this month, $10 will be donated per stone! Help us heal the world together as one!

“In like a lion and out like a lamb”...

assuming many of our followers have heard of this old phrase. Many of us may not be feeling or sensing April will go out like a lamb in relation to the global stressors that surround us and now play a daily role in our lives. Negative energy can feel like a cloud to some and like a lightning bolt to others.

The ancient Ogham tree spirits of Alder and Willow watch over the month of April, offering spiritual wisdom and constraint from negative thinking. It’s important to stop and take a deep breath and find calm from within. Dig deep into your soul and connect with the core of who you are as an individual and who we are as humans and continue to find hope and exude kindness.

The Covid 19 virus has become part of our daily lives. Many feel that there was a life they had before the virus and a very different life after. That may be true, but no one is in this alone. “United we ALL stand” in mind, body and spirit.

Lapis Lazuli Meaning

For the month of April we will be featuring tumbled Lapis Lazuli, also known as the “The Wisdom Keeper”. The powerful energy of this crystal helps shine light on the soul and its intuitive abilities as it deeply resonated with the third eye chakra. It assist in promoting spiritual enlightenment and allowing one to go deeper within. 100% of proceeds from purchasing Lapis Lazuli will go directly to food banks that are struggling at this time to meet the high demand and needs in their community. For every crystal bought we will match the donation. United We Stand!

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