Toys for Tots

November’s chill awakens an inner warmth, activating the heart chakra and placing a focus on gratitude and giving back. The full moon on November 19th, also known as the Beaver Full Moon, is a time when beavers gather materials to shore up their dams before cold weather sets in. This season we celebrate the year thus far by sharing our bountiful harvest with our friends, family and community.

We at the Crystal Council would like to thank each member of the Crystal Council family for amplifying our ability to contribute to a different philanthropic focus every month. This November the Crystal Council is creating magic by featuring Toys for Tots! Since its creation in 1947, Toys for Tots and the Marine Corps have been making a difference in the lives of American families. Marine Corps Reserve Major Bill Hendricks and his wife Diane found there was no agency to support children in need when Diane wanted to donate handcrafted dolls; their response was to create one. As a civilian, Hendricks worked as the Director of Public Relations at Warner Brother Studios; through networking, Hendricks was able to receive assistance from various celebrities, including Walt Disney. As a personal favor, Walt designed the first ever Toys for Tots poster featuring a three car train which was ultimately adopted as the Toys for Tots logo.

Toys for Tots is a non-profit organization which is directed by the Commander Marine Forces Reserve. A Marine, member of a Marine Corps League Detachment, or member of a local community organization is designated the Toys for Tots Coordinator for a local community. The Coordinator plans, organizes and conducts the Toys for Tots campaign in their community. The collection of new, unwrapped toys begins in October until mid to late December when they are collected, sorted and stored for gifting. The Toys for Tots Coordinator works with local social welfare agencies, church groups and other local community agencies to distribute toys to the less fortunate children of the community. For over 70 years Toys for Tots has touched many hearts and brought joy to many families.

The charity stone of the month will be Tiger’s Eye, a shiny variety of quartz whose appearance often resembles a cat’s eye. This protective healing stone is associated with the third eye chakra; it’s ruling planet is the sun. Tiger’s Eye assists one with working through fatigue or creative blocks and accomplishing goals. This stone is also helpful when seeking emotional balance, noticing what changes need to be made in present time, and taking action to act on that change. Meditating with Tiger’s Eye may assist with issues of integrity, self worth and commitment. Integrate this healing stone into your daily practice when looking to work with both fire and Earth energy. During the month of November 100% of all proceeds from the purchase of Tiger’s Eye will be donated to Toys for Tots.