Superheroes 4 Sully

October signals sweater weather, swirling leaves and the magical question, "What do you want to be for Halloween".  

This season, childlike wonder fills the air, and imagination is not only encouraged, it's celebrated.  Connecting with the essence of October can look like enjoying a mug of warm cider, celebrating ancestors and honoring those that are no longer with us as we near the thinning of the veil on the 31st.

Spreading awareness of great causes, innovators, and non-profits that inspire positive change and healing is one of our passions.  The Crystal Council Family would like to thank each member that has shared a cause close to their heart.  This October we are thrilled to kick off the season of magic, imagination and togetherness with the amazing non-profit, Superheroes 4 Sully!  A young, sweet, kind and caring boy who loved superheroes, Sully Mainor was always friends with the underdog.  His ability to make someone's day with a smile was a true superpower!  A Sully Mainor Kindness Award is even presented to students in recognition of their genuine nature and emotional awareness.  In honor of Sully, Superheroes 4 Sully spreads kindness and empowers children in need with brand new clothing, toys and essentials which have been donated.  From bike drives to gift collections for the holiday season, this non-profit is constantly saving the day and making others smile. We love the way Superheroes 4 Sully captures Sully's love of superheroes, courage and kindness!  Recently, Superheroes 4 Sully collected and donated 335 backpacks and supplies to local children in Las Vegas, NV! 



Learn More About Sully:


Please message us on FB, or [email protected], for where to send or coordinate pick ups of any donations/items you wish to contribute. With the blessing and participation of his family, all items will be donated in his name to local Las Vegas charities such as Peggy's Attic, Ronald McDonald House & Cure 4 the Kids Foundation, to name a few. Superheroes for Sully donations only go to LOCAL charities where the toys, clothing and other items, are placed directly into the hands of our local Las Vegas children in need.

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