The Asher House

As the golden hues of September embrace us, signaling the waning warmth and the imminent embrace of fall, it's a poignant moment to ponder on new beginnings. Just as trees prepare to shed their leaves in a dance of colors, we too are reminded of the cycles of transformation and renewal. Ancient civilizations, spanning from the Celts to the Greeks, saw this period as one of introspection and personal growth.

In this spirit of renewal and hope, we are excited to highlight The Asher House for the month of September. This heartwarming sanctuary, nestled in Estacada, Oregon, epitomizes the essence of love, second chances, and the transformative power of compassion. Founded by the visionary, Lee Asher, after the heart-wrenching loss of his Pitbull Stella, The Asher House stands as a beacon for animals discarded or deemed unwanted, providing them a life filled with comfort, love, and adventure.

From the sprawling terrains of 49 states to the tranquil grounds of their sanctuary, The Asher House has illuminated the lives of countless animals, giving them a sanctuary where they feel treasured and free. Their journey resonates with the profound understanding that every creature, irrespective of its past, deserves a future filled with love and care. Their mission extends beyond just rescue; it's about changing narratives, one animal at a time.

Complementing this noble endeavor, we introduce the Budstone, often referred to as the South African Jade. This gem, with its potent healing properties, resonates deeply with the heart chakra. As a stone of rejuvenation and energetic healing, Budstone serves as a testament to the idea that even the deepest wounds can heal, and from the ashes of despair, hope can rise.

For the entirety of September, a segment of the proceeds from any Budstone purchase from The Crystal Council will directly benefit The Asher House. Just as Budstone aids in healing and balancing energies, The Asher House brings hope and love to our four-legged companions, ensuring they experience the joy and comfort they so rightly deserve.

The beautiful alliance between the healing prowess of Budstone and the compassionate mission of The Asher House creates a resonance of love, care, and transformation. They stand as reminders that in every ending lies a new beginning and that love, in its purest form, can indeed transform lives.

This September, you can make a tangible difference. Whether you choose to support The Asher House directly or decide to introduce the healing energy of Budstone into your life, know that your actions ripple outwards, creating waves of change and hope.

Join us in bolstering The Asher House's mission, and let's collectively uplift a community that thrives on love, compassion, and the unwavering belief in second chances.