SoulShine Industries

September is a time to say goodbye to summer and welcome fall.  This month inviting one to explore knowledge and growth; Celebrating the growth of harvest season is so magical. Acknowledging the cycle of life is a beautiful way to connect deeply with yourself and others.

Trey the Texas Medium and his wife Michele make sure family comes first at SoulShine Industries of Edna, TX.  SoulShine Industries is a place for families to celebrate and honor their loved ones after they have passed with quality, one of a kind caskets and urns.  Detailed, channeled designs that resonate with that individual's true nature help to immortalize the essence of a parent, child or close friend and infuse healing into the grieving process.  Trey shared with us that he often receives the design for a casket or urn prior to receiving the phone call for it's order, and leads the design process with preferences from the individual that has passed on.  Connecting with those that have passed is a gift Trey has had since he was a child, and his art of articulating messages from the beyond brings comfort, closure and peace to those grieving.

The team at SoulShine Industries is a beacon of light in the darkness, sparking joy by fusing skill and a heart-centered approach to make a difference for members of the community in this life and the next.  Recently, SoulShine Industries has been recognized by the New York State School Board Association for design, production, donation and delivery of 19 caskets for the victims in the Uvalde, Texas school shooting.

This September we are featuring Amethyst, associated with the third eye and crown chakra.  This stone is beneficial for the mind, assisting one with decision-making, stress and anxiety.  Amethyst is beneficial for encouraging selflessness, guarding against psychic attack and healing the aura.  Meditating with Amethyst enhances metaphysical abilities, and assists with visualization and dream recall; placing Amethyst in the bedroom quells recurrent nightmares.  100% of the proceeds from the purchase of Amethyst this September will go to SoulShine Industries.

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Trey the Texas Medium: