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Introducing our latest collection of rare NW-4420 Meteorites

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4420: The Ultimate Gateway to Transformation

A mysterious meteorite discovered in North West Africa could very well be the most transformative stones we have yet to work with. Upon first touch these high vibrational meteorites impact one’s spirit as powerfully as they impacted the Earth. Known and named as NWA 4420, this high energy meteorite began its fall from planetary nebulae far beyond our solar system. There is very little known about this meteor aside from its exact coordinates and mineral makeup. However, holding one of these powerful space rocks will answer all the mysteries of its galactic origins and its purpose in aiding humanity. It is through this new limited stock of NWA 4420 meteorites that we pass on this energy. Free yourself from all that binds you, reclaim your power, realize the bigger picture and reach new heights. It’s time to feel the impact of something much, much bigger.

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✨ Beneficial For...

  • Activating and Aligning All Chakra Systems
  • Breaking Illusions
  • Expanding Conscious Awareness
  • Removing Restrictions
  • Reclaiming Self-Authority
  • Discovering One’s Purpose
  • Freeing Your Mind
  • Creating Your Reality

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