NWA 4420 Meteorite

NWA 4420 Meteorite

Science & Origin of NWA 4420 Meteorite

Meteorites date from the oldest time in our solar system. They far outdate any known material on our planet and hold within them energies that cannot be compared to Earth’s minerals. NWA 4420 is a mysterious and powerful meteorite that crashed down in North West Africa in May of 2006. Its origins are from an evolved star system in which it formed around planetary nebulae. It is a Chondrite composed primarily of Iron, Aubrite, and Enstatite.

Iron is in its purest form when found within Meteorites. It carries masculine force, bringing one towards the realization and manifestation of goals. Iron is also highly defensive and specializes in deflecting negativity. It is known for increasing physical strength and resonates directly with the energy of Mars. This Mars aspect of iron also brings about drive, courage, and “warrior” energy.

The Aubrite component of this meteor is able to absorb and accentuate energy. This means that before this meteor impacted Earth, it had already collected and contained the energy of the nebulae and other asteroids it came in contact with. When it landed on Earth it became infused with Earth’s grounding and nature energies as well. This contact with Earth enables the meteorite to properly ground and manifest such high frequency cosmic energies.

The third mineral within these meteorites, Enstatite, is one of few minerals that has actually been observed with origins outside of our Solar System. It is known to form around evolved stars and planetary nebulae - which hints to us a clue as to where 4420 comes from…We can think of Enstatite as an adaptive driving force within this powerful space rock, while the Aubrite is working to “pull” all those other cosmic energies into itself. Enstatite carries energies of adaptability and decisiveness, allowing the forceful energy from the Iron to harmonize with all of the energies the Aubrite draws in. It is a primarily masculine force, but acts as a perfect bridge between feminine and masculine energies, as well as all other polarities. Enstatite’s energy brings a higher perspective to all actions and is extremely beneficial for incorporating the receptive energy from the Aubrite into daily life.

Meaning & Energy

NWA 4420 is a powerful ally in opening one to the higher, etheric chakra centers and aligning the entire chakra column all the way down through the root and into the earthstar. When in need of grounding, envision the meteorite falling from space and penetrating Earth’s atmosphere. Seeing and imagining its flight path will bring this energy down through you and send it deep into the heart of the Earth. Similar to how it was physically pulled into Earth, this stone has the ability to pull in galactic energy directly from planetary nebulae. This allows one to infuse their own energy with that of the cosmos. When meditating with this stone, the energy can be seen and felt as it is pulled into the stone and circulates throughout the body. No matter where on the body this stone is placed, one can almost instantly feel its gravitational pull directly towards the solar plexus chakra. It activates this chakra center with a fiery energy that spins at lightning speed and extends down into the sacral. This link provides the same spinning effect and mends the two chakras together in harmony. This state of union links one directly to the infinite creative will of the universe and immensely enhances creative abilities, life force, willpower, and courage.

NWA 4420 Meteorite
NWA 4420 Meteorite

Meteorite 4420 is a stone of higher power and cosmic force. It aids one in realizing why they are here on Earth and in carrying out their true purpose without doubts or worries. When holding or meditating with this stone, one can say they have a good idea of the “big picture”. This awareness enables one to raise their frequency to a degree that attracts higher insights and a sudden connection with ones “Star Family”.

This stone is extremely useful for finding the deeper meaning encoded within significant events and helps one to understand what lesson are to be learned from them. Once one is open to these subtle messages, this stone will aid greatly in moving forward with renewed vigor towards one’s evolutionary path. Evolution, transformation and growth are natural properties of our infinite cosmic universe, and you can be sure to feel these values etched within the grooves of each meteorite. In situations where one is physically injured this stone will help to recover and strengthen the physical body as well. Lying down with this stone on the heart chakra will enable one to pull in the cosmic energy. This energy is what fills and reproduces the cells in the body and leaves us feeling brand new.

4420 leads one from darkness to light, allowing one to recognize and break the illusions within themselves and in the world around them. When one sees clearly these restrictions they have the knowledge necessary to push the bounds. It reminds one that no other person or thing has authority or ownership over them; whether physically, mentally, or emotionally. Through seeing the truth of what binds us (whatever it may be) this stone assists in breaking free and provides the courage to follow through with the transition from enslavement, to true freedom and expansion.

4420 is a perfect companion for those looking to start new journeys in life, especially the ones that lead to transformation. Working with this stone can be a great aid in starting new projects, patterns, relationships, and creations. It is recommended to wear 4420 when traveling for protection and to create new adventures and opportunities. This applies to both physical and astral travel. Meditating with this stone can guide one on an enlightening intergalactic journey and allows one to see the nebulae in which it formed around. This stone is eager to “teach” and “show” us, it greatly enhances communication with extraterrestrials and makes meditative experiences of all types more clear overall.

Crystal Pairings

This Meteorite works perfectly with Moldavite as they complete the link between higher and lower transformation. 4420 works to ground higher cosmic energies and manifest them through the solar plexus chakra. Meanwhile, Moldavite works to express this cosmic energy through the heart space. Having both of these meteorites together enables one to express this powerful cosmic energy through both masculine and feminine aspects. When combined with Angelite it strengthens communication with beings of non physical realms, especially high vibrational intergalactic and angelic beings. It also helps to create more clear experiences with the souls of those who have passed away. Using 4420 in unison with Angelite brings immense protective energies that are summoned at will by the user. Using Nebula Stone with 4420 provides an extremely powerful enhancement to intergalactic travel and cellular healing.This combination makes it easier to visit the home star system of Meteor 4420 and to freely roam throughout the surrounding nebulae, allowing one to examine them and directly link with their energies. When recovering from any type of injury or dis-ease this combination can greatly shorten recovery time. Nebula Stone heals directly from the cellular level while 4420 empowers the cells by pulling intergalactic energy into them.

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