Science & Origin of Ametrine

Ametrine, also known as Trystine, is a rare silicone dioxide variety of Quartz with naturally occurring Amethyst and Citrine inclusions throughout. Its color can range from light shades of purple to a vibrant golden yellow. The naming comes from the combination of both Amethyst and Citrine. There is only one known commercial locality for Ametrine, it is located in Bolivia. The deposit of this material has been a close kept secret, but locally known for over 500 years.

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Legend of Don Felipe & Princes Anahí

Ametrine was referenced in the early 1600s with an infamous tale of love, passion, and betrayal. Don Felipe de Goitia, a Spanish conquistador, traveled to the New World in search of adventures and fortune. He happened upon a beautiful lake known as present-day Mandioré Lagoon in Bolivia which was protected by the Ayoreo tribe within the area. Alongside the dazzling nature, Don Felipe also fell in love with the chief daughter Princess Anahi. After their marriage, Don Felipe was gifted a local mine full of colorful crystals but did not see the value due to there being no gold or silver present. This partnership angered locals within the tribe who viewed Don Felipe as an outsider trying to take over the Ayoreo tribe. Princess Anahi warned Don Felipe of an impending civil war amongst her people and urged him to leave.

Princess Anahi made the decision to leave with Don Felipe but wanted to visit her beautiful Lagoon one last time. Beforehand, she gifted Don Felipe a charm of Ametrine symbolizing the token of her love. This was unfortunately the last time Don Felipe will see his beautiful wife, as she was never heard from again. It was believed she retreated back to her people or was unfortunately killed by her usurpers. As Don Felipe was sailing back home with a broken heart, he looked at the beloved crystal that was given to him and realized it was two different colors, something he had never seen before. He felt as though the bi-color of the gem symbolized her divided heart between Don Felipe and her own tribespeople.


Real vs Fake

Most of the Ametrine on the market is fake and has been heated to alter its original color. When looking to purchase this stone, always look out for its locality as a lot of the fake material is listed as being sourced from Brazil. This stems from the high-quality Amethyst and Citrine that comes from Brazil but are not found in combination naturally, like the original material from Bolivia. Expect a high price tag for a natural piece of Ametrine, and always ask the seller sourcing questions!

Meaning & Energy

Ametrine combines the energies of Amethyst and Citrine to create a powerful tool that attracts, protects, and strengthens the user. Citrine is a master of one's creativity center, which houses some of our strongest manifestative energies. This area has been known to be the key to not only unlocking our personal will but to also unlocking our truest desires. When one is truly looking for a change or a spark of imagination, Citrine’s energy has no bounds. Amethyst is a multidimensional stone that offers a range of energetic uses. Its protective bubble helps one maintain mental clarity and physical energy. This can assist one in raising their own personal intuitive levels. Amethyst is vital for anyone looking to release the daily weight and stress that we place on ourselves.

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