Flower Rhyolite

Flower Rhyolite

Science & Origin of Flower Rhyolite

Flower Rhyolite, also known as Green Flower Jasper, is a combination of Bird’s Eye Rhyolite and Green Jasper that crystallizes in the form of masses. The Rhyolite rosettes crysatlize in pink to dark red hues, and are scattered throughout a Green Jasper matrix. This stone was just recently discovered in Madagascar in the early 2020s. It is commonly found carved into points, spheres, pyramids, and palm stones.

Meaning & Energy

Flower Rhyolite is a stone of the heart chakra that assists in the activation and flow of energy throughout the body. As heartfelt emotions begin to circulate, you will notice yourself begin to open up and become more in touch with your softer side. This pure version of yourself will be more in tune with your needs and will assist you in pushing through emotional blockages. Flower Rhyolite helps you flow through past traumas that have weighed you down long enough. Take these past experiences and be thankful for them as they have given you the gift of opportunity.

Flower Rhyolite

Healing Emotions

Flower Rhyolite not only helps the emotional body, but helps in strengthening the mind, body, and soul connection. As your heart begins to open and past traumas begin to release, your entire chakra column will start to straighten and align itself. Meditating with this stone frequently can trigger what is known as an “awakening effect”; This occurrence usually takes place when you are spiritually ready to advance but are weighed down with emotional and physical baggage. As you begin to awaken to your true self and your soulful mission begins to become more clear; let your emotions pour out of you while allowing yourself to create space within. This often triggers a positive daily realignment of where your energy is placed, as well as a re-prioritization of your own needs & desires. By working on yourself each day and meditating with Flower Rhyolite (and other heart chakra stones) you will only further your mind, body, and soul connection beyond this physical plane.

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