Science & Origin of Zircon

Zircon is a zirconium silicate mineral that crystallizes in granular, prismatic, and bi-pyramidal formations within igneous & metamorphic rock. The color is very diverse and can range from red, brown, grey, blue, yellow, green, and even colorless! A historical stone, the first mention in history dates to 300 BC as “λυγκύριον”, which translates to "lyncurion", by Theophrastus. Pliny the Elder is believed to have re-classified this mineral as “chrysolithos” in 37 AD. From this period until 1783 there have been numerous alternative names for Zircon such as “hyacinte”, “tachyaphaltite”, and “oesterdite”. Abraham Gottlob Werner then named this crystal after the Arabic word “zargun” in reference to one of the many colors that it is found in.

Zircon dates back to the formation of the earth nearly 4.5 billion years ago and is now found as a common crystal within the earth's crust. This could be an explanation for Zircon’s popular uses throughout ancient & more modern history. Today, the most notable deposits are found in Pakistan, Madagascar, China, Africa, Canada, Sri Lanka, Greece, Australia, India, and the USA.

Practical Uses

There are many practical uses for Zircon that are still heavily used in our society today. Zircon is commonly used as an opaque application in paper goods, paints, and ceramics. It is also used as a refining oxide due to its high melting point of 4,923°F. This mineral heat & elemental resistance has made it favorable in the production of catalytic converters and a variety of purification systems, both air and water.


Meaning & Energy

Zircon is a powerful amulet of our etheric body and can generate life-force energy capable of strengthening our human potential. The potency of Zircon has the ability to activate your entire chakra column and ground your emotions both positive & negative. This stimulation of your chakra system will clear a path for you to work through feelings of self-doubt with a newfound perspective. Such viewpoints may come from other points of your body such as your solar or sacral plexus chakra, where your true belief system is housed. This area of the body contains strength and endurance, yearning for you to grow through negative aspects and traits that may weigh on you daily.

Manifesting Your Growth

Zircon is an excellent meditation tool for manifesting your emotional growth and physical desires. This stone shares similar energies and appearances to Garnet, one of the strongest stones that helps reinforce the belief in yourself. The combination of both these energies together makes them a very powerful mediation duo, especially when held during deep spiritual practices. This is a helpful practice for any practitioner who is looking to work through their past emotions so that they may begin a new life path, both spiritually and physically.

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