Spessartine Garnet

Spessartine Garnet

Science & Origin of Spessartine Garnet

Spessartine Garnet, also known as Spessartite, is a manganese aluminum variety of Garnet that crystallizes in the form of dodecahedrons and masses (sometimes with natural etchings). This usually occurs in granite pegmatites, quartz deposits, schist, marble, and slate. The color can range from bright orange and yellow, to dark red and plum. Spessartine Garnet was discovered in Spessart, Bavaria, Germany in 1797 and was originally named “granatförmiges Braunsteinerz” (which literally translates to “garnet-shaped brownstone ore”), by Martin Klaproth. This crystal was renamed in 1832 by François Sulpice Beudant to “Spessartine Garnet”, after the type locality which is located in the Spessart Mountains. This garnet variety is one of the rarest but can be found in multiple countries such as Pakistan, Brazil, Australia, China, Finland, Norway, Madagascar, Japan, Austria, Italy, Russia, and the USA.

Meaning & Energy

Spessartine Garnet adds strength and confidence to one's everyday life by activating the lower 3 chakras and creating a meaningful connection between them. This channel allows you the ability to directly correspond with your second brain, also known as your gut intuition. The most intellectual part of your body happens to lie directly between the second and third chakra, as this area is the true controller of your universal direction. This energetic point is capable of manifesting one's dreams into the physical realm and creating the atmosphere needed for growth, nourishment, and self-love.

Spessartine Garnet

Meditating With Spessartine Garnet

The best way to meditate with Spessartine Garnet is to place your piece directly on your solar plexus or slightly lower (if it is more comfortable). We recommend speaking into your crystal for a few moments before you begin your meditation. These words should be the purest you will speak all day and will be a direct reflection of your inner soul speaking aloud. The crystal shall be placed at your energetic point, and as you soften your breath and ease your thoughts, keep in mind your intention that has just been spoken into your Spessartine Garnet. Let that thought not just radiate within your mind, but truly feel its vibrations throughout your entire body. Do this repeatedly throughout your week and you will begin to feel a passive switch in your emotions and spiritual body. Sometimes, practitioners may experience a complete consciousness flip and begin working towards goals that have never been a priority before.

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