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Science & Origin of Red Tiger Eye

Red Tiger Eye, also known as Dragon’s Eye, is Tiger Eye with red shades and hues. This mineral can form naturally due to natural oxidation, but is very rare. Most Red Tiger Eye on the market has been heat-treated to give it a reddish appearance. It shares the same energies and properties of normal Tiger Eye.

Meaning & Energy

Meditate with this stone over the stomach (solar plexus chakra) and allow it to aid you in your manifestations and desires. This stone will help push you into action, and provide laser sharp focus, drive, determination and strength to get things done. It's the perfect stone to carry when tasked with long projects and will assist in keeping the mind focused on the task at hand and not getting easily distracted.

Red Tiger Eye

This is a perfect stone to place in crystal grids due to it commonly being in large, tumbled pieces. People commonly forget that Tiger Eye is a member of the Quartz family and is naturally very strong. Placing this stone on a grid will help in the enhancement of power of the smaller stones, as well as the transfer of energy throughout the grid,

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