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Science & Origin of Red Quartz

Red Quartz, sometimes referred to as Hematoid Quartz, is a variety of Quartz with a Hematite coating. It can be seen crystallized in masses, nodules, clusters, druzy, as well as inclusions within existing Quartz. The color of crystallized Hematite is predominantly red, but can also be seen as dark as maroon, burgundy and brown.

Identifying Genuine Red Quartz

A lot of Red Quartz sold on the market is actually normal Quartz which has been either heated or dyed. There are 2 major indicators in which one can easily tell a fake specimen from a real one. The first detail one should immediately look for is the locality of the crystal, if possible. True Red Quartz is very hard to come by and only forms in a few countries, with Morocco being the main source for the mineral market. Other smaller deposits have been found in Brazil, but they are one of the countries you must be weary of when purchasing. This is solely due to the volume of faked versions coming from this beautiful country. The second major deciphering method is to hold a piece and examine the weight and density the specimen bears. Hematite itself is an extremely heavy mineral and when combined with Quartz, it definitely stands out from the crowd.

Energy & Meaning

Red Quartz offers an energy that at first, may feel rugged, extreme and “in your face”. A raw form of Earth’s essence, this coated Quartz embodies pure life, fortitude and protection. Life force energy is the essential ingredient in one finding their way in this ever confusing world. It is the gas to one’s fire and works towards shaping the existence of who we truly are. When one’s flame begins to smolder and die out, the inner spirit you house does so as well. This only leads to negative vibrations, which we all know are easier to attract than positive light and love.

Red Quartz

Expansion of One' Self

When one begins to expand their knowledge about themselves, they will truly understand the strength and willpower they possess within. These dominant features have always been with us, but have gone dormant with time and lack of use. One must awaken these abilities that define us, and use them for the betterment of themselves and society as a whole. Learn how to incorporate Red Quartz into your meditation routines and begin tapping into this vital essence needed to “restart your engines”. As you become more comfortable with this crystal, begin working with it and observe minor traits about yourself coming back to life. Slowly but surely, your confidence will once again reign supreme while the inner workings of your spirit begin finding its way.

Aura Protection

Although Red Quartz is not a protection stone, it does offer up very powerful protective energies of our emotional bodies and auric fields. Just as our spirit and overall energy begins to strengthen as we grow with Red Quartz, so does the etheric shield this mineral provides. One can freely walk into environments full of negative vibrations without the fear of absorbing them. Evil deities that wish us harm and serve us no good do not stand a chance. So much so, we suggest this talisman for any deep meditation sessions with the goal of “slipping” out of your body. As one projects their very existence into the abyss, they must be protecting the vessel that houses them. Your physical being can be compromised in these states, and can pick up multi-dimensional activity. One must always be caring for and providing the essentials needed for both your consciousness, as well as your human existence. Pure Red Quartz, a true definition of Mother Nature’s power, provides the needed tools for this spiritual journey, and much more beyond that!

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