Science & Origin of Grenatite

Grenatite is a recently discovered mineral from the country of Madagascar. It exhibits an exterior full of extremely small micro-Garnets on a Quartz-Feldspar matrix. These abundant silicate minerals make Grenatite extremely dense and noticeably bright under certain light. Since acquiring and learning much about this stone’s energies, we can wholeheartedly say that it is one of our favorite stones of 2021 thus far.

Although Grenatite has recently hit the market, artisan crafters and sculptors have immediately begun working with this stone. This was mainly due to the bright colors that the raw form of this material showed. Once all the experts in the field caught wind, they immediately sought out raw pieces and began their work! In time, expect to see all things Grenatite, including spheres, towers, obelisks, pyramids, sculptors, and palm stones.


Meaning & Energy

Grenatite and all of its energies are a bit of a mystery. We’ve become infatuated with the positive energy that pours out of this stone and have noticed the effects it has on our overall attitude. The small Garnets that make up Grenatite help one manifest and attract their purest ideas. These thoughts may provoke internal feelings that push one to express their entire emotional body with ease. These emotions will allow you to reignite that “fire” within your stomach and help you use that energy to harness amazing opportunities. One will notice a relinquishing of surface distractions that may take away from our true potential, while providing a clear and level head.

Grenatite is capable of expanding one’s entire consciousness while actively looking inward. This allows one to fully understand who they are and what exactly they want out of life. When working with Grenatite, one’s entire sacral chakra activates and awakens our inner fighter. Our manifestation attributes become enhanced and allow one to truly create what they envision. Part of the process of growing and achieving your dreams can be pain-staikingly challenging. Grenatite’s energies channel inward and propel you forward during these times of hardship. Trust yourself and continue envisioning the life you truly want to live. Our short time with this crystal has led us to only cherish and enrich ourselves in it’s energies!

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