Science & Origin of Bronchantite

Brochantite is a rare copper sulfate mineral that is formed during the oxidization of copper veins; specifically in an environment dry and containing little to no moisture. It’s commonly seen in association with other Copper -bearing minerals such as Malachite, Azurite (brochantite can pseudomorph over both these minerals and assume its shape), Shattuckite, Chrysocolla, and even Dioptase. Brochantite can be found in many forms such as masses, plates & crusts, and skinny slender rods (much like Crocoite). The color can be absolutely breathtaking as well, with deep-Emerald green Brochanitite being the rarest and most desirable. This mineral was first described back in 1824 by Armand Levy. He chose to name it after the famed French mineralogist and geologist, André-Jean-François-Marie Brochant de Villiers. Brochantite can be found all around the world, with major deposits located in Austria, Chile, Australia, Russia, South Africa, the UK, Zambia, Germany, Romania, Morocco, Greece, and the United States.

Meaning & Energy

Brochantite is a deep emotional healer that engulfs your heart with pure Earth energy. It shows one the power of Mother Nature and channels rays of green restorative energy throughout your emotional body. Brochantite pushes personal growth, especially on feelings or experiences that have left a “mark” on us. These internal bruises have never had the opportunity to fully heal, as we have not given our undivided attention to the trauma. For one to move forward, you must relinquish everything you think is true and become accepting of the change. Brochantite helps force you to focus on the pain, yet reminds you of how temporary it is. The strength you discover as you re-experience these emotions for the last time is a testament to your willpower, drive, and determination. You have the opportunity each day to make a change and better yourself moving forward. Brochantite reminds you of this “superpower”.


Connecting With Nature

We recommend meditating with this stone outside and allowing a connection with nature to grow internally. Being able to find comfort and positivity in your environment is part of your own personal growth and is one of the most important lessons in life. Brochantite attempts to teach you this through meditation, as well as providing protection of your auric field and emotional body. One should not have to worry about negative energies affecting you, specifically during times of internal vulnerability. If you're still fearful, try adding a few protection stones to your daily sessions, in addition to carrying them on you each time you leave your home.

Authors Notes

As someone who is in love with Dioptase, Brochantite has equally as powerful energies, if not stronger. One’s heart truly becomes full when holding or working with it. You will notice a sense of inner peace and personal resolution imbuing your body. If anyone is experiencing PTSD, anxiety, depression, overwhelming sadness, or general heartbreak, please try meditating with a piece of Brochantite. It’s one of, if not the strongest heart-healing stones The Crystal Council has encountered in all of 2020!

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