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Azurite is a copper mineral with a beautiful distinctive dark blue glow. The energy one will receive from this crystal is powerful and bold making it a gem to have in ones collection. 

Azurite will aid the third eye chakra by understanding, stimulating and sharpening the mind giving the user the knowledge of not just themselves but the people and the world around them. It ca also aid in awakening the psychic and intuitive part of the brain, providing insight to everyday life.

Applying Azurite to one’s life will give guidance and understanding about the energies and things we deal with every day, by learning and becoming more aware of our professional and personal life the stone will help the user aspire for more. It will fuel the fire of the user by pushing them forward onto achieving dreams or goals.  

Try taking azurite to the office or school and place it near an open window allow the fresh air to enhance the crystals ability of intuition and creativity. Students and seekers of intellect can benefit from the crystals creative energy by sharpening the senses and becoming clear with ones own thoughts. When you need help studying for that test or thinking of new ideas for a project, Azurite is the crystal one needs since it provides the ability to think outside of the box. Azurite will expand the brain’s awareness and ideas to become more enlightened with energy and vibrations.  

Meditating with the azurite will bring inner vision into alignment with intellectual and spiritual guidance by fusing the energy of the crystal with users own energy it will open up the mind to new ideas and opinions that weren't clear before. 

Let Azurite help you think in a more calm state of mind to envision and manifest what is wanted in life, by imagining more of what we want. Only then the user can begin to create a better understanding not just of the present but also the past and future.

Cleanse Azurite by placing it near running water to bring it back to its natural state of balance. Azurite can be found in USA, France, Namibia, Mexico, Chile, Morocco.


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