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Science & Origin of Blue Barite

Blue Barite is a variety of Barite that crystallizes in the form of tabular, needle-like, druzy, and prismatic shards. It can be found as a semi-transparent to a deep ocean blue depending on the amount of barium sulfate in each piece. Blue Barite is commonly found crystallized within a brown Limonite or over a druzy Quartz and Calcite matrix. This stone can be found in Morrocco, Colorado, Slovakia, Spain, and Germany. 

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Meaning & Energy

Blue Barite channels your higher self and aids in the grounding of these energies. This has a direct effect on your intuition and acceptance that there is more to you than what you had previously believed. The universe works with you and is capable of engaging you toward your true life path. This potent effect can be felt during meditation with third-eye activation crystals like Blue Barite. The activation of this chakra and alignment with your soul path can help you achieve your most sought-after goals.

Blue Barite
Blue Barite

Blue Barite is a communicative stone that opens up your throat chakra to express yourself directly from the soul. We recommend speaking into this talisman as a form of practice before a formal speech, presentation, or interview. This spiritual exercise has a grounding effect to it and can lead to you using better tones throughout conversations, as well as having empathy and understanding for others' words & values.

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