Science & Origin of Irnimite

Irnimite, also known as Blue Jasper, is a rare micro quartzite Jasper that crystallizes in mass formation with inclusions of richterite, piemontite, and manganese oxides. It is usually a blue, black, and brown mineral with white spotting that can occasionally be found in larger deposits of Quartz. Irnimite was named after its discovery in between the Ir and Nimi rivers. This is the only known locality for Irnimite, and it is located in the Khabarovsk Krai region of eastern Russia.

Meaning & Energy

Irnimite is a stone that directly corresponds with your spiritual evolution and can be a great benefit to your life-path here on Earth. At the time of this writing (2023) humanity's consciousness is undergoing a new spiritual awakening that is a direct correlation to the planetaries' energetic alignment within the universe. With so much advancement and growth happening around us, our physical & emotional bodies are greatly affected, leading us to potentially fall behind spiritually.


Excelling Growth

Irnimite is a talisman of the new-age that aids in the grounding of higher vibrations that can be channeled for your own personal benefit. The third eye and crown chakra become highly active when meditating with Irnimite, especially with the intention of lucid dreaming, astral projection, and a variety of other visionary experiences. Tapping into Irnite will greatly expand the mental capacity you carry, even when not meditating with this stone. This effect is very similar to the energies that you may have come to know and love through Moldavite. The buzzing vibration that graciously flows from your aura is very potent and can be felt by everyone around you, leading you to be the shining light within each room. Sensing this projection may be all someone needs to start their own healing and self-love journey.

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