Purple Scapolite (Marialite)

Purple Scapolite (Marialite)

Science & Origin of Purple Scapolite (Marialite)

Purple Scapolite, also known as Marialite, is a mineral that contains aluminum, chlorine, sodium, calcium, sulfur, carbon, and silicon. These elements crystallize in mass formations but can occur in schists, pegmatites, and marble as prismatic & tetragonal crystals. This crystal was discovered in 1866 in Naples, Campania, Italy by Gerhard vom Rath. He believed he had unearthed a completely new mineral to the world and chose to name it in honor of his wife, Maria Rosa vom Rath. This stone would later be re-classified in 1959 as Purple Scapolite, a member of the Scapolite family. Marialite often occurs with a handful of other minerals such as Quartz, Diopside, and Green Tourmaline.


Purple Scapolite is extremely rare especially when found in its crystallized, gem formation. The only active known locality with very high-quality material comes out of the Kuran wa Munjan District, of Badakhshan, Afghanistan. Previously, Tanzanite, Australia, China, Italy, Canada, and the USA played a significant role in Purple Scapolite mining.

Meaning & Energy

Purple Scapolite activates the third eye and crown chakra, making it excellent for expanding upon your mental capabilities & dreamwork. This crystal emanates pure intuitive energy geared towards unlocking your psychic abilities. Some benefits from working with Marialite include understanding daily synchronicities, astral projection awakening, lucid dreaming strengthening, and an overall heightened sense of awareness.

Purple Scapolite (Marialite)

When focusing on channeling and meditating with the violet ray energy encapsulated in this stone, the stronger the connection between you and your higher self becomes. The highest evolution of yourself, also known as your final form, is the purest version of YOU that is ready for exploration and growth. This is only possible by leading down a path of love and light produced from your heart and soul. By working with Purple Scapolite we can attune ourselves to this magical journey.

Understanding Dreams

We recommend placing Puprle Scapolite by your bedside at night to assist in understanding the messages you receive in your dreams. All of the imagery that occurs within your dreams each night has a powerful and symbolic meaning that resonates with your past, present or future self. Through this exercise, your clairvoyance increases to help direct your physical life in the way your soul and spirit yearn to.

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