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Science & Origin of Cyanotrichite

Cyanotrichite is an aluminum copper hydrous sulfate mineral that crystallizes in the form of fibrous aggregates, acicular crystals, and druzy coatings. It was first documented in Banat, Romania in 1839 by E.F. Glocker. He chose to name it after the Greek words kyaneos for "blue" and triches for "hair". Cyanotrichite was also given the name “Lettsomite” around the same time, after William Garrow Lettsom, a British diplomat, scientist, and author. The color of this crystal can range from light to dark blue and is normally found associated with other copper-bearing minerals such as Malachite, Brochantite, Azurite , and Chrysocolla. You can find major deposits of Cyanotrichite in South Africa, Italy, Germany, France, Austria, and the USA.

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You may find yourself with a copper-bearing mineral with a large amount of oxidization coating the surface. These crystals can sometimes be a combination of 10-15 different minerals! Cryanotrichite is often misidentified due to its similarity to more common blue copper crystals as well as its crystallization pattern & uncommon name.


Meaning & Energy

Cyanotrichite is a stone that enables you to activate your upper chakra system and focus on your intuitiveness, strength of mind, and mental clarity. Through this experience, you will find yourself capable of better understanding your thought process which can help lead to manifesting your dreams into a reality. It shares similar energies to Azurite and Chalcanthite, white are two great crystals to meditate with alongside Cyanotrichite.

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