Science & Origin of Cavansite

Cavansite is a very rare hydrous calcium vanadium oxide silicate mineral that crystallizes in prismatic crystals and rosettes. These rosettes can be a few centimeters tall and are usually found on a bed of other zeolite minerals such as Apophyllite and Stilbite. Cavansite was first discovered in 1967 by a group of geologists in Malheur County, Oregon. They named it after it’s chemical composition “Ca-V-Si” (CAlcium, Vanadium, SIlicate).This variety was not of the best quality and the hunt was on to find this stone somewhere else. Eventually in the mid 1970’s Cavansite was rediscovered in Poona, India. Beautiful rich blue colored Cavansite sitting on beds on Stilbite created a whirlwind of hype behind this stone. To this day, Cavansite has been seen in only two other locations, New Zealand and Brazil. The specimens coming out of Poona are still of the highest quality, yet very scarce. When looking to purchase this stone we recommend searching old collections, estate sales, and mineral auctions.

Meaning & Energy

Cavansite activates and aligns our higher 3 chakras. This helps one transmit, communicate, and understand their dreams. The powerful energies that radiate off of Cavansite help attune us to frequencies of higher dimensions, realms, and beings. Placing this stone on your bedside each night before you sleep will help provide clarity and understanding of your dreams as well as the images within them. The meaning behind these images will help one learn more about themselves and what they are truly meant to do in this world. These depictions may be referencing something currently happening in your life or are foreshadowing of what may lie ahead. This mineral can also assist you in finding your own unique psychic abilities. It's of great importance and strength when one is working towards astral projection and lucid dreaming. The connection to higher dimensions will help “pull” you out of this realm and into the another one. The more this channel gets strengthened, the easier this ability becomes for one to master.


Clearing Your Head

Cavansite is also a great meditation tool for anyone seeking mental clarity and calming vibrations. The soothing feeling that this mineral offers will imbue one’s aura and provide them with a sense of wholeness from head to toe. We suggest placing Cavansite in front of you in order to create a clear line of communication. Let this stone cleanse and rejuvenate your mind and body from all the negativity that surrounds you. Once one feels completely tranquil and relieved of any stress, we recommend cleansing this stone to remove all “emotional waste”. Doing this exercise a few times a week will dramatically affect one's emotional state and reduce daily “mental fog”.

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