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Science & Origin of Stilbite

Stilbite is a sodium calcium hydrous aluminum silicate that is a member of the family. This mineral crystallizes in the form of thin flattened plates, tabular crystals, as well as aggregates. Its commonly found in association with Apophyllite and Heulandite within basalt and other volcanic rock. Stilbite’s color is usually white but can be seen as brown, pink, yellow, orange, red or grey. This mineral was first discovered in 1797 by J.C. Delametherie, but wasn’t named until 1801 by R.J. Hauy.  The finest Stilbite specimens are found in Western India, near the Poona region. Other notable localities include Iceland, Italy, Scotland, and the USA. The very rare mineral Cavansite is usually found formed on a bed of tiny Stibnite crystals in Poona, India. This combination mineral is extremely rare and and offers up some of the strongest energies from a stone we’ve ever come in contact with. When these 2 minerals meet, they create the ultimate dream stone that fully opens one third eye and crown chakra. These minerals together are extremely expensive and should only be bought from a reliable dealer to avoid purchasing a lower quality specimen that has been heat treated or dyed.

Meaning & Energy

Stilbite is a very compassionate stone whose soothing vibrations can be felt upon touch. Loving and healing vibrations emanate from Stilbite and fills the entire environment it’s placed in with joy, passionate, and uplifting energies. This stone connects our heart, third eye, and crown chakras together and helps one clearly see the emotions weighing on their heart space. Stilbite is here to help one heal from any pain and trauma they’ve been through, and release these bonds from our heart. Meditating with this stone will help soften these emotions, allowing one to see with clarity how it’s possible to move forward and grow from events that still hurt us to this day. The strengthened connection created between our heart and mind will also help one become much more in touch with their emotional body. One's mind will better understand their emotional side in the moment and learn how to deal with negative energies better.


Stilbite is also a power dream work tool that can help strengthen ones dreams, better understand the images within, as well as providing mental clarity during these subconscious experiences. Everything we see in this realm has a special meaning behind it and is in our dreams for a reason. Stilbite helps one to absorb the finer details in their dreams, as well as remembering much more about this experience when they awaken. Simply place a piece of Stibnite on your nightstand or above your bed and let it go to work!

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